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  1. Thanks, have not had any luck finding another example of this insignia. Do you have a source that shows it?
  2. Thank you, wasnt sure if it was SOA or SOV. That makes total sense. Appreciate the help.
  3. Thanks, I have struggled to find another one quite like it so wasnt sure if it was police, military, US, foreign...?
  4. Anyone know where this button originated from? Thank you!
  5. Hoping for some insight on these two items. The pin on the left is marked HR Newcome Sterling on the back. The Corporal badge is unmarked, its just over 3" wide.
  6. Very interesting, I checked the base, it looks like threads inside, but its actually smooth. Still it does look like it mounts onto something based on the bottom section and the open cavity there.
  7. Thank you, that is actually more interesting than what I thought it might be. Something to research for sure, appreciate the insight! If anyone has an ideas on the age or origin of it, would welcome the thoughts.
  8. This one might be a stretch, but hoping someone can help me identify if this item is military or not? It's 8 long and came inside an old military pouch, but thats all I know about it. It unscrews so you can break it down if needed.
  9. Thanks for the help, I will do some more searching, I found some examples of the griffin being used, but nothing like what is on this one.
  10. Hoping someone can help with this one. The motto "Impiger et Animous" is from the 12th Coast Artillery, but the insignia I cant locate. They definitely used a gold griffin. Can anyone add any insight to this one for me? The screwback pin has AH Dondero which made pins back in the 20s, so that part lines up.
  11. Anyone familiar with this insignia, pin is marked NS Meyer New York on the back.
  12. Thank you, was having a tough time locating history on them, appreciate the help!
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