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  1. Here is an odd one a 514 FIS with a tab!
  2. That was the first place I went to looking for info. I also went to the Navy history website and looked thru the VP histories and also several books I have. I have been doing this since 1980. and this was the first time I have seen a VP-3 patch that wasn't a out-of-focus scan or a black and white scan of a pic from a yearbook
  3. Yea when I was doing research on this one I noticed that it was said to look like those other 2, but I have not seen what those other to patches look like.
  4. Here is another one, this beauty is a big 6.5 in X 6.25 in
  5. Try this again, I hope my first one didin't take. anyway here is an original VP-3 patch that I just picked up. The patch is a 5 inch beauty
  6. Here is a USAF patch that I just received along with some other oldies that I will post if I can do this right
  7. Hi all I have been collecting USAF/Navy /USMC/Foreign Air Force type patches since 1980. Although I do collect Fighter Types, my main interest has always been in the other types (dig at Randy )
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