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  1. You're right it looks like silica sand. I guess the chin straps are safe to remove from the helmet? The seller was genuinely sorry about the incident and offered me the helmet as a gift for the inconvenience. I said I wanted to pay for it and in the end we agreed on $40. So all good.
  2. Should I try to remove the green paint? Looks like there's a darker shade beneath so it might be WWII paint
  3. If that's the case I'm just glad that I actually managed to identify a US helmet at first and that I learned something new about the bales and heat stamps! Pictures provided was my bad and I know what to present next time. Thank you very much guys, your help is much appriciated 😄
  4. Thank you for the info. The canteen says 2000 in the button so I guess it's just a newly addition. The cover is pretty neat though
  5. I'm sorry for not understanding your intructions so thank you for being kind to me 😅 Now I think I finaly got it. Here are the shots of the weld marks.
  6. Ah I see. On one side it looks like there could be a weld but cant see it on the other side
  7. I guess it should be so the middle clasp is under the outer ones if it is to be a US shell
  8. I thought I was prepared rooster.. I couldn't find anything on front seam euro clones or US like heat stamps anywhere. So when this was sold as a US Vietnam helmet with a newer liner then I just thought that someone had replaced the original liner somewhere through time. Could it be a shell made post war by a US manufacturer for a European army hence the similar font on the heat stamp?
  9. Well darn it.. I'll see if I can get my money back 😔 What gives it away? I thought when it had the heat stamp and the front seam it wasn't a euro clone
  10. Never seen a front seam euro clone before or one with heat stamp with the same font as US makers - Who made this then?
  11. This shovel cover was included in a lot of US items I recently bought. It is hard to read the text but I believe the DSA says 1-47-59-65-E. One of the rivets looks to be missing but was actually just pulled through. I managed to get it back in place but after I took the picture
  12. I got this US canteen among some other items and I hope someone can help me identify it and the era it belongs to.
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