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  1. Thank you so much for this very useful information! Have you ever seen a photograph of this helmet in wear?
  2. Thanks for that information- I was unaware of the year of the disbandment of the 32nd. Do you have the uniform regulations for this regiment, or any of the other units that wore pickelhauben?
  3. In the period from before the Civil War to the turn of the last century, State and local units were allowed a great deal of leeway in their uniforms, and so units inspired by those of France and North Africa (the Zouaves) also popped up. These American pickelhauben are very tough to find...
  4. As the article mentions, members of this unit were of German ancestry. The were a number of Militia and National Guard units that wore German-style uniforms with pickelhauben that were either of German or American manufacture. Here is another:
  5. For my first post on this forum, I would like to show this helmet plate in its original configuration on a pickelhaube produced by Deecken of New York. In addition, a brief article on this unit from Brooklyn Magazine...
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