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  1. I would need to see the 88th in hand, but it looks like the older insignia is a lighter blue (earlier) paint. This is a good sign if so. Steve
  2. There is nothing wrong with that medic helmet in my opinion. Probably post war/ Korean era, but very original and nothing like any of the aging techniques Jamie used. Steve
  3. Every M-2 helmet that I have come across with repaired loops have had the chinstraps field sewn on. There is nothing wrong with this helmet. Steve
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this helmet. The rim is a differrent color because there is no rust on a stainless rim to bleed through changing the paint color. The USN is different shades because the paint is thicker on the bottom portion thus causing less bleed through. Steve
  5. The above 505th Jack o Diamonds helmet is indeed an original. I sold it to jkash and have since bought it back. Steve
  6. Justin is correct. This is not an original M-2 D bail. The heat stamp is too late for these, and is actually for a swivel loop. The straps are reproduction as Justin stated, and the loops are all wrong. Steve
  7. I know this was an honest mistake, but to be given the respect that they deserve follow these guidelines: Army- Soldier Navy- Sailor USMC- Marine Air Corps or Air Force- Airman Steve
  8. All of the helmets that we purchased from the auction, had Hood Rubber liners, which are even more scarce. They were all very lightly used, and most had the scarce blue vinyl sweatbands. Steve
  9. I don't think anyone here was debating the legitimacy of the helmet, but rather when the markings were used. Also, if it is out on the internet for the public to buy and view, you can expect that it has been shared on several other forums as well. Steve
  10. Yes, Troy and I both bought some of these at an auction in Michigan. The markings on the rear were actually done with tape, so the one shown here, I am sure is tape residue. It is my opinion after having sold the ones I had, and doing some research that they were post war National Guard markings, but I am not certain. Steve
  11. Hi Lewis, Is there any info to go along with this picture? thanks! Steve
  12. Quite often stamps are not found or were just stamped too lightly. I have one coming up for sale this weekend that was actually stamped twice! First time I've seen that. Steve
  13. Nice helmet! That is the typical net used by the 34th. Have one myself but the hole in the front is not cut out to show insignia. This net is original to the lid in my opinion based on the rust staining and transfer on the dome. Steve
  14. Very nice helmets, but the 5th Army helmet is not the one that I sold! I probably would have kept the one you have! Steve
  15. In my opinion, the liner is original and the pot has been painted to go with it. I don't like the "rubbed" areas of paint over the stress cracks at the rear of the shell. Steve
  16. Good Question... I currently have this one listed on my website. It has the red patch on the cover, liner and steel helmet as well. Will try and check the liner dates when I am back home. Steve http://www.m1helmetdepot.com/product/salty-vietnam-usmc-beach-party-marked-helmet
  17. Wow that did turn out great! Never thought of the alcohol wipes! Glad you like it! Steve
  18. Here is a much more salty example: http://www.m1helmetdepot.com/product/early-saint-clair-liner-with-rayon-webbing
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