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  1. You're welcome. This was dug up in the backyard of a house that's located near and along the original main road from the outskirts of Manila heading north. There were some Philippine Commonwealth era coins with it. Just a wild guess but plausible... I'm thinking that one of the 26th cavalrymen left it or dropped it in their haste to move out during the opening days of WW2. The 26th had a troop on detached ceremonial duty in Manila, and based in Nichols Field (Troop F). When war started, they were ordered back to Fort Stotsenburg asap and did a forced march with their horses. I persona
  2. Hello I thought I'd share a picture of one that was dug up in the Philippines. Not mine.
  3. Hi, just stumbled on to this thread... for what it's worth. The US 26th Cavalry stationed in the Philippines were issued the M1915 bolo bayonet one per trooper. Three 26th cav veterans verbally confirmed it with me (prior to them passing away), and Frank Trzaska had graciously helped me confirm via his documentations (copies of orders and memos from the 1930's). Victor
  4. With fellow cavalrymen and Phil. Scouts in 2009. (The late Ed Ramsey in the picture, the officer who led the charge) Amazed with early WW2 US cavalry toy soldiers
  5. SFC Dan Figuracion passed away on April 3rd, 2017. He was the last surviving member of the US horse cavalry's last mounted charge in history, in the town of Morong, Bataan, in January 1942 - A Bataan veteran, Death March survivor, and guerrilla in WW2. He served in the US Army from the late 1930's when he joined the 26th Cavalry PS till his retirement in the 1960's. He was an excellent shot and was a member of the army's 6th Advanced Marksmanship Training Unit (AMTU). In all his years in the army, he was most proud of having been a cavalry man. He attended all events in his cavalry
  6. VeeVee


    This is very very cool. Thanks for sharing. You're very talented. Are these cavalry guys? I'm not a modeller and have no talent for these but wanted a representation of the 26th Cavalry who fought in Bataan. The last of the cavalry to fight on horseback. I was able to order some metal pieces that could be assembled into a rough 1941/42 trooper. I've never assembled and painted toy soldiers before this so pardon the shoddy workmanship.
  7. Thanks! Glad I could help. I can't seem to find the version where the enlisted men wore them too. I'll post when I find it.
  8. I can't seem to edit my post anymore... correction. Col. Lilly became CO later during the Bataan siege. Col. Clarke was the CO before the war and early in the campaign.
  9. I'm impressed that the studio got this one accurately. Here is a photo of 57th Infantry PS officers in 1941, with embroidered DUI's. L-R: Lt. Olson, Col. Edmund Lilly (CO), and Lt. Langdon
  10. Having trouble posting images so just attaching...
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