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  1. So, don't take it bad I just try to understand, did every things is wrong in that book? or not complete ? or just outdated ?
  2. you can also explain why.... I know this book is outdated on somes information but this still a good base
  3. No this is more around the year 1968 to 69 but " Late War, heavy weight dense pattern " is the denomination from the Holy book "Tiger Paterns a guide to the Vietnam war 's tigerstripe combat fatigue patterns and uniforms". when this guy said "late war" for the TS that 's more around the year 69.
  4. Yes the pattern is typically late war, also the little arm 's pocket with 2 black boutons had been only saw on the LHD and on the Advisors Tape Dense but thoses ones was with green sewing line.
  5. My last TS Late War Heavy Weight Dense Pattern (LHD)
  6. Hey I already saw a lot of WW2 liner in Vietnam War shell so this is not odd see ya
  7. Hey thanks for the replie this is seems to be the good meaning
  8. Hello I just got this sweet BOC manufactured US M7 baïonnette There is an inscription made on the blade A co. 1st. FSB 2A ? WH84AO to me this mean something like: A company 1st Fire Support Base (?) If somebody have somes information about the inscription it would be lovely to read that
  9. AHAH thanks all for your replies its sweet to take attention to my friend request he thanks you all very mutch cheerz
  10. My friend sent me the pics of his colars and I have some doubt on it the jacket is 1968 dated to be sure I need somes pics on the other side of the jacket... but for the name there is apparently no Cpt. Oltman in the 1st cav so...
  11. Hey thanks Aznation there is a 1st cavalry insigna but in my view this is an re assemblage made after by someone else...
  12. Hello One friend gor this 3nd pattern jungle jacket he wanted to know who was the Cpt. Oltman did some body can help him into thoses research ? thanks a lot
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