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  1. Hello just got this great 101st AB Jungle jacket 2nd pattern 1st type:
  2. Weirdly nobody mentioned Catherine Leroy the famous french photojournalist covering Vietnam from 1966 to 1969: She got injured in 1967 during the junction operation with the 173th Airborne and also got caputred by the Viet Cong in 1968 during the Tet offensive. She managed to talk her way out of PAVN camp and emerged as the first newsperson to take photographs of North Vietnamese Army Regulars.
  3. Well his moustache just fallen actualy... thanks for the comments
  4. Hello there is my little grunt 1969 display from the 25th Infantry divison: -Jungle Jacket 3nd patern 25th ID insigna DSA 1969 -Jungle trouser DSA1969 -Canteen DSA 1968 -Cover canteen M56 DSA 1958 -Compass pouch DSA 1965
  5. The modern Tiger Stripe still weared nowdays by the French Foreign Legion Instructor in the Jungle training Camp of Guyana:
  6. So, don't take it bad I just try to understand, did every things is wrong in that book? or not complete ? or just outdated ?
  7. you can also explain why.... I know this book is outdated on somes information but this still a good base
  8. No this is more around the year 1968 to 69 but " Late War, heavy weight dense pattern " is the denomination from the Holy book "Tiger Paterns a guide to the Vietnam war 's tigerstripe combat fatigue patterns and uniforms". when this guy said "late war" for the TS that 's more around the year 69.
  9. Yes the pattern is typically late war, also the little arm 's pocket with 2 black boutons had been only saw on the LHD and on the Advisors Tape Dense but thoses ones was with green sewing line.
  10. My last TS Late War Heavy Weight Dense Pattern (LHD)
  11. Hey I already saw a lot of WW2 liner in Vietnam War shell so this is not odd see ya
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