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  1. Hi ! Many thanks again for these clarifications. Yes, it will be difficult I think to find the parents of Harry, but you never know ... I tell myself that if someone had the Dog tag of my grandfather, I would like to find it Looking forward to reading you. Best regards
  2. Thank you again, dear Aznation, for your latest information. I like to know the details and I wonder about the "TM" that is written on its dog tag above the sign USNA. But maybe I read badly... Do you know what it means?
  3. Thank you very much, Aznation, for informations and documents about this soldier. I now know who he was and where he came from. I did not find it either on the sites about cemeteries and American graves. But you help me a lot in this "investigation" ! Again many thanks
  4. Hi! and good evening from France This dog tag was found in a forest of Mayenne (Western France). It seems to me that it is an US model of the WW1. I can read : Harry Covington TM ?C U.S.N.A On the back, there is the military number:220*600 Can you confirm that this is a dog tag of ww1 ? And I would like information about Harry Covington to maybe find his children, grandchildren and give them his dog tag. Thanks a lot. My best regards. Lau
  5. Hi! Thank you for accepting me here. My name is Laurent, 53, from Cotentin: beaches in western France. Since I'm 14 years old, I'm going through forests, fields, beaches with my metal detector. I found many things, sometimes very easy to identify, other times more difficult. Among all this, there are parts and small equipment of the US Army. So, I hope you can help me discover some things about these finds. Looking forward to reading you. Best regards, Lau
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