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  1. Not sure about this antique store find. Tag is dated 67, it looks fine except for the name tag to me.
  2. It appears to me to be computer produced and possibly theater made, probably early OIF/OEF. What are y'alls thoughts...
  3. Uncovered these in storage, so I thought I would share. The chest rig is dated 9/24/1986, unit marked 55th Brigade, and the soldiers name "Kader Hussein. The 55th Brigade was an armored brigade which was part of the 30th Infantry Division in the Iran Iraq War.
  4. A gift from my TxARNG Readiness NCO, given after we transitioned to the M9s in the mid 90s.
  5. I thought the embroidery looked odd, especially the backing. The tag is intact but that blob is like hot glue, so I would have to be fairly careful to remove it to see a date.
  6. IRN looks to mean Instructor Radar Navigator, BUFF definitely refers to B-52s which the 26th BS flew until 1968.
  7. I found this in a local antique mall, did not purchase as VN war era items are not my normal collecting AO and I wanted to do some research before taking the plunge. SO what do y'all think about it and what is a general price range?
  8. My contribution to the discussion, a theater made ACU 34th. I don't know where it was made though. Can you help, Drew?
  9. Top left is Ohio State Univ. ROTC
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