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  1. Dear all, I recently bought a OD-7 M1923 Garand Belt. I was convinced it was (faintly) dated 1945, and in conjunction with the presence of zinc hardware, I thought it surely was a WW2 example. However, when the item was delivered I saw that no retainer straps are present and were never there. Could this still be a WW2 example, or does it have to be postwar? Or am I perhaps misreaing the stamp? I will post some photo's tomorrow, Thanks a lot, Ed
  2. Hi, could you tell me what these patches are? I got them for free recently. I know that the Corps of Engineers Utilities patch is apparently WW2, but for what purpose exactly? Is the Anzio bar a good one (WW2?)? I think the other is a 1st Army Group Patch, but I havent seen this variation yet... the other two patches, no idea. Can anyone help?
  3. Dear all, I recently came across an original (and used) edition of the following manual (photo is taken from the internet) between some old books. What would be the approximate value of such a booklet? They seem to be pretty difficult to locate? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Exactly. That was my thought as well, it doesnt seem it has been always folded the ''usual'' way.
  5. Now you mention it, yes, that must be it, thanks.. I wonder though - why? Looks better without? More comfortable for opening the pockets?? Any other examples out there with a similar adaption?
  6. Dear all, whats up with the flaps of this belt? Is the stamping original? It looks like a strange belt to me, but it does have the inner straps as far as I can tell from the photo's. Many thanks in advance!
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