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  1. very nice flag, and would agree with flown for a general, but have never seen one in person, have seen smaller ones just not that size , very strange, maybe for a base
  2. they should have a higher value, ashame they dont , nice pics of the mint ones though
  3. i believe this is a repro , you cannot be shocked at the level people go through to try to make it look legit, sad really but nice display item until you get a legit one
  4. i have only seen and handled grey ones, have not seen white
  5. pin has been replaced for sure but like the wings , what a great find though
  6. cover looks fake , check stitching,
  7. japanese made, just look at the face
  8. i agree, would have a tag inside with military info if used by military
  9. i have seen a few as well and never understood why this was done, thank you
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