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  1. And these? They are actually a strange shade of dark green.. Im guessing German made from the 50s?
  2. Saw these unusual wings stamped Sterling, but do the look Japanese made or US? They are unusual. any opinions very welcome Thanks guys
  3. Yep. Ive seen the Arctic Ranger O Company and thanks for the input. Thats what I mean I wonder if they wore it before Alaska.. ive never seen pictures of it worn in SE Asia . But as far as the Alaskan O Company... what BN or division were they? 509th?
  4. Very true... but im suspect that as for O company.. there may not be many
  5. It was in a lot that came with 3 cut edge 187th bct from the late 50s... final price $100
  6. Hello all..judging by the sale price this 173rd color 1 piece is scarce. My question to anyone is would it be US color version of the similar twill type or any ideas or knowledge to the maker? Ie German? Korean? US? It doesn't look VN made. Any thoughts or comments welcome.
  7. Question... Ive seen a fee O Company ranger scrolls.. realizing the 75th companies formed in 1969.. and the 82nd was there but.... has anyone ever seen any photograph evidence of them wearing O Company Scrolls??
  8. Consistant with pre 75? I thought the Korean mades had like a wide cheese cloth but I was guessing. Thank you your input is always appreciated and welcome
  9. Oh.. Appriciate that.. I was concerned it was one of those post war Vietnamese made copies.. It hasn't been aged or anything of that nature
  10. Opinions on this M company Scroll please? Its in great shape and an EBAY pick up described as pre 1975.. Ive included a close up of the construction of the material... any opinions welcome yall wont hurt my feelings, enjoy
  11. Hello all. Can I get some help? Does anybody know what jump wing oval was worn by the 173rd N company Rangers.. or the 503rd LRRPS during Vietnam? I have seen several pics of them wearing a scroll over their wings on the black berets but cant make out what the oval actual looked like.. not even colors. Any help... greatly appreciated
  12. Thanks for the opinions... but curious what this represented ? Mike force I realize but was it worn by ARVN OR Us SF
  13. Thanks for the input. The 1st one just looked unusual because the lack of the top border the tabnormally sits on. It was in a bundle at im sure most of you are familiar with the little surplus shop next to eagles of war near vCampbell. The second you are right it was from an eBay seller that said it was purchased by him in theater... but never returned pm s I sent. I think its China made for air soft... but didn't realize those I guess are sold in Afghanistan in places there.. thanks so much
  14. Hey all, cleaning out collections.. These are the latest pickups the first came from a surplus shop at Campbell the other from online. My question is anyone familiar with current and recent Afghan Theater mades... do these look familiar, The first has all charactoristics its just the strange tab has be wondering, the second is well.... IDK
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