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  1. Scott, the only time I had that problem was on the Hillbrich Purple Heart that I believe you now own. IIRC TAPC is moving to Ft Knox. Could that be the reason? The last IDPF that I ordered, whoever did the copying copied the front and back of every page and the front and back of every envelope in the file. The charge for the 200 page "file" was nearly $100.00. I wrote to the FOIA PAO telling them that I wasn't happy paying for copies of blank pages. I never received a reply back, but I was refused further FOIA IDPF requests because I "refused" to pay.
  2. My collecting experience became much more pleasurable when I realized that I'll never own everything, that I need to stay within my budget and that this stuff has been around for years. If I don't get it now, I'll usually see it for sale again.
  3. Scott, that's not a dumb question at all! There were several Independent Tank Battalions in the Pacific. IIRC, the 192nd, and 194th were lost on Bataan, the 44th, 710th, 716th, 754th and 763rd Tank Bns were in the Philippines at the end of the war. I think there were two other battalions afloat on the way to the Philippines when the war ended. The 193rd, 706th, 711th, 713th (Flamethrower) were on Okinawa, and there were other provisional Chinese-American Tank Battalions in the CBI. AFAIK, there were at least three Tank Destroyer Bns on the Philippines- the 632nd (M10) , 637th (M18) and
  4. The downside of the show is how Ermey gushes about the M60's distinguished combat record in Vietnam.......not the CEV or the AVLB, the M60
  5. If you open the chicken ala king, please wear a HAZMAT suit.
  6. Great stuff, Ken. As an old 3rd Armored guy, I like the name of the site too!
  7. Beast, that's a very good post. IMHO, Cronkhite's point was not aimed at the administration as much as it was Westmoreland and his conduct of the war.
  8. Cobra King has arrived at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox and is undergoing restoration: http://www.armorfortheages.com/Volunteers/...ProjectPage.htm
  9. Interesting, Tom! I certainly stand both educated and corrected.
  10. Michael, as Jeff said, Purple Hearts were issued with medals, lapel pins, ribbon bars and a short length of loose ribbon. Over time most of the "extras" get lost. It was my experience that the length of ribbon was the most common thing to be lost, followed by the ribbon bar and then the lapel pin. If you can locate a copy of Gen. Fred Borch's book on the Purple Heart, it would be worth the money. It's a good reference work.
  11. In the early 1990's, a dealer contacted someone who was at one time connected with the Gordon Miller Co. of Cincinnati and purchased about a hundred NOS Navy V-5 wings. IIRC at the time he was getting about $150 a piece for them at the OVMS shows.
  12. Michael, good to see the medal arrived, and I'm glad you're happy with it. I usually had good luck getting death notices and burial notices from the casualty's hometown public library. Most have the newspapers on microfilm and will make copies for you for minimal fees. Keep in mind that it sometimes took two weeks to two months for the news of the servicemember's death to reach the family, so let the library staff know that to narrow down their search. You have the date of internment, so finding the burial notice should be s asnap. If I can help in any other way, be sure to give me
  13. I agree. It's a good book only for the photographs and the "then and now" comparisons. He draws some poor conclusions and in a few cases is almost apologist in nature, especially towards the massacre at the Baugnez Crossroads. If you can find it somewhere cheap, ok, but it wouldn't be high on my list. Another book that I found helpful was Hitler's Last Gamble by Trevor Dupuy, Richard Anderson and David Bongard.
  14. Silvano, On the American side, as jeeper noted above, there simply is no better than Charles B. McDonald's Time for Trumpets. Mac was a Company commander in the 23rd Infantry and later was the U.S. Army's deputy chief historian. During the Bulge, his company fought an important delaying action against Germans. His book has a near complete Order of battle included.
  15. I agree. Those certainly look like German boots with gamaschen and his hairstyle looks german also.
  16. I'm looking for the Purple Heart of my uncle, James C. Pruitt of Cumberland Co. KY. KIA in North Africa with the 1st Division in 1943.
  17. It depends. If it has the code "fnh" on the slide or Bohmische Waffenfabrik im Prag on the backstrap, it was made during the German occupation.
  18. My personal favorite is Omar Bradley's response to Gen. "Pink" Bull when Bradley called SHAEF to report that 12 Army Group was across the Rhine at Remagen. Bull told him that Remagen was too far south and that the main push would be up north in Montgomery's area. Brad got upset said replied sarcastically, "Well what the hell do you want me to do with the bridge? Pull back and blow it up?" Second would be Charles Canham's response to German General Ramcke during the surrender of Brest. Ramcke asked for Canham's credentials, to make sure he surrendered to a general officer. Canham point
  19. Just a SWAG, but my guess it's for a radio relay station linking Asia and Europe.
  20. Googling the APO's I found the APO 467 to be Army Airways Communications System Squadron 127, Detachment Station #213, Sookerating, India. I'm still working on the other one. Edit: APO 210 comes up to be Hq Detachment and Hq Squadron, China Air Service Command (Provisional), Chentu, China. http://www.cbi-history.com/part_viii.html
  21. Is there a return address on the envelopes? Perhaps the A.P.O. could provide a clue. http://www.skylighters.org/germocc/kasernes.html
  22. Dustin, Does Larry Stewart still have his gun store on the Square in Bloomington? It used to have some militaria in there, but stay away from the TR items. As far as Indy goes, the surplus stores aren't worth going to. In fact, for a city this size, the militaria scene is sparse. I've lived here all my life and there are a lot of collectors but not much in the way of available goods. Good luck!
  23. Nope, no M-47's were used in Vietnam.
  24. Agreed wholeheartedly. IMHO the two best are "Company Commander" and "With the Old Breed." If I'm allowed to plug another site, author Ken Estes posts under his own name over at Tank-Net.org. He's a hell of a nice guy, very approachable and always answers questions posted to him.
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