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  1. The Patton Museum is being moved to the new Armor School at (blasphemy of blasphemies) Ft. Benning. I don't know about the M1 series, but specially made cutaway turrets of M60A1, M60A2 and M551 were used as crew gunnery trainers in the 1970's at Holder Complex in Ft Knox.
  2. RIP. Ironically, 317- the number of survivors from the USS Indianapolis- is also the area code for the Indianapolis area.
  3. 3rd Armored Division-"Behind the Spearhead Comes the Shaft." 9th Infantry Division- The Electric Butter Cookie 25th Infantry Division- The Electric Strawberry 40th Division- The Flaming assholes 8nd Airborne Div "Almost Airborne" 1st Cav. "The Horse they never rode, the line they never crossed and the color speaks for itself." It may be an Army urban legend, but according to a friend at TRADOC, there is a growing movement to change the shoulder patch of the 42nd Division as the rainbow taken other meanings in modern times.
  4. And mine is because "Jim Baker" was already taken.......
  5. Guys, I need help. I picked up an eagle-head sword today at a local antique store for $50. I know photos would be nice, but the camera on my cell isn't cooperating and my daughter has the digital camera. Anyway, the sword has a straight, unmarked, apparently plated blade in reasonably good polish. The scabbard also appears to be plated with a bit of rust spotting, and has a round frog stud and acorn shaped drag and has no dents. The grip is either bone or ivory- to my untrained eye it looks to be ivory with nice toning and has a few minor age cracks. The knuckle bow is angular with detail
  6. Photostats of those letters should be in Weaver's IDPF.
  7. It's late war. Late Vietnam War.
  8. It sure looks like a take-off of the He-162 Volksjaeger.
  9. You can't do better than Toland on a biography of Hitler, although Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" isn't bad. Both are over 1,000 pages. For Patton, Carlo D'Este's "Patton: A Genius for War" is top-notch.
  10. This is the third KIA/DOW case that I've seen that wasn't on the WWII memorial site, but was on the NARA Roll of Honor.
  11. What's your MOS? My son is in DEP, he's going Hospital Corpsman school after basic.
  12. Excellent post, and although I don't think you meant it to, it makes the point I was trying to make. Does one deserve a medal for being bored? Lonely? Cold? Hungry? Nope. Let medals mean something, stand for something...something besides just being there during a certain time in history. Do we as a military need a ribbon for simply graduating basic training? For serving overseas in a non-combat theater? In my estimation no. John, all due respect, but some Cold War troops not getting medals is a rather poor reason to issue one, and actually cheapens the medals given to deserving troo
  13. This post isn't meant as sign of disrespect, but as someone that served during that time, I don't think a medal is warranted. The certificate is nice, but think about it, if you served and rated an ARCOM, MSM, etc, great. There were enough medals in the system to cover those whose service was above and beyond. I got to wear the uniform-which is an honor itself. I got to go to Europe, drive tanks, drink copious amounts of German beer, chase German women, go to Amsterdam, and generally blow sh!t up....all on the good graces of the American Government and the DoD budget. I should be than
  14. IIRC The US Army goes something like this: A Brigadier General is authorized a First Lieutenant (sometimes a Captain) A Major General is authorized a Captain and a First Lieutenant A Lieutenant General is authorized a Major and a Captain A General is authorized a Lieutenant Colonel, a Major and a Captain A General of the Army is authorized a Colonel, a Lieutenant Colonel and a Major The Chief of Staff, United States Army is also authorized a Col., a LTC and a Maj.
  15. Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest III Purple Heart. It was offered to me a a OVMS show about 10 years ago at a reasonable price.
  16. It's very possibly German made. When I was at Kirch-Gons in the late 70's there was an ancient German "sewing lady" on post who made jackets very similar to this one
  17. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's a lesson that all of us have learned at one time or another.
  18. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_...&SECTION=US
  19. It's odd. It looks to be hand-engraved judging from the shape of the E and O. One thing it's not is officially machine engraved. However, if the dealer has questionable stuff, and it's really expensive my advice would be to stay on the safe side. What's the story on the recipient?
  20. Not that I know of, Scott. I'm not sure that the IDPF's will be moved. My gut says they'll go to NARA, but that's just a SWAG on my part.
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