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  1. How about pics of helmets worn by notable figures? First off: The M1 worn by Major General Maurice Rose when he was KIA near Paderborn. I saw this helmet on display at the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox. George Patton's. Also on display at Knox.
  2. One of mine: Sgt William E. Brown, Company A, 23rd Tank Battalion, 12th Armored Division. KIA 17 Jan 1945 near Offendorf, France. he is buried in a communal grave with Pvt Jerome Rebhun at the Long Island National Cemetery.
  3. Indeed. I purchased ATF's import tanker at last year's MAX Show. I'm not a reenactor, but I wore the jacket as a every day winter coat here in Indiana, and found it to be a well-made, warm, hard-wearing jacket. I highly recommend it.
  4. I can't say for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Transient Billets were attached to the 21st Replacement BN in Frankfurt. Another possibility would be Rhein/Main AFB.
  5. Another great book, though out of print, is Susan Sheehan's "A Missing Plane." It deals with the discovery, recovery and identification of those on board a B-24 used as a transport which crashed into a mountain on Papua New Guinea. There are usually several used copies on Amazon. I highly recommend it.
  6. The Fourth Army was a Stateside command.
  7. From the Feb 9, 2007 edition of the Indianapolis Star Medal of Honor could be back in family soon By Virginia Hilbert Star Correspondent Through the combined effort of strangers who reached across the country to help, a misplaced Civil War Medal of Honor may soon be returned to its rightful heir. The nationwide search that began at Brownsburg Public Library indicates that Dorothy Ann Carter Hajek, Baltimore, is the great-great-granddaughter of Medal of Honor recipient Joseph F. Carter. During a Civil War re-enactment at Brownsburg Public Library two weeks ago, Marjorie
  8. Would there have been any French troops training at Ft Knox at at the time of the photo? Pool, despite losing a leg in the war, was brought back to be a instructor.
  9. Look at this wild uniform worn by SSG Lafayette Pool. Pool was a tank commander with the 3rd Armored during World War II and ran up an amazing record in just 81 days of combat before being seriously wounded in action. This photo, courtesy of 3AD.org, shows Pool in 1949 when he rejoined the US Army as an instructor. Pool looks to be wearing a khaki tunic cut down into a Ike jacket. Besides wearing a belgian fourragere, he is wearing a FRANCE SSI on his lower left sleeve.
  10. Great book. I was pleased to find one of my Purple Heart guys- Lester Miller- in it. I've been in email contact with Bill Warnock, and he's a nice guy.
  11. Tom, that's a great site. Unfortunately, due to the SVA, I will take mine down. Dwight
  12. Lloyd, the 2nd was the only unit to continue wearing them that way postwar. I collect WW2 posthumous Purple Hearts. The 12th yearbook came with a group of a man KIA with the 23rd Tank BN near Offendorf, France in January 1945.
  13. I have a wartime yearbook of the 12th Armored Division, and there are many shots of tankers wearing 12th AD patches on their left breast, mainly on HBT coveralls.
  14. M3A1's were still in service (At least in the Indiana National Guard) as late as 1993 as personal weapons for armor crewmen, specifically the loaders and drivers. In the 1970s, it was SOP in my battalion for the loaders on tank crews to ride outside the hatch, holding a M3, acting as "air guard." Given the accuracy of a greasegun I doubt if anyone could have hit the ground, let alone a aircraft!
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