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  1. A fellow over at the Axis History forum has asked if anyone can identify this insignia. I'm drawing a blank. Thanks!
  2. The painting of the trooper in the mackinaw reminds me of James Whitmore's character in the movie Battleground
  3. The insignia was definitely used in the mid-1970's as I was a JROTC cadet in Indianapolis beginning in 1974 and it was in widespread use. One still saw the round JROTC SSI, but they were scarce then..
  4. Tom, you missed C-1-1st Training Brigade, at Fort Knox. They ran the enlisted 19J (the MOS for A-Deuce tankers) OSUT program. I used to know the 8ID A2 battalion, but time and too much Licher beer has caused me to forget.
  5. I'm currently reading two books. The first is "The Slaughter" by Carroll Case, which deals with an alleged massacre of 1,000+ African-American soldiers of the 364th Infantry Regiment at Camp Van Dorn in 1943. Well, only about 50 pages deals with the "massacre'- the other 240 pages is a novel. The other book I'm reading "Now The Hell Will Start: One Soldier's Flight From the Greatest Manhunt of World War II" by Brendan Koerner. The book covers the story of Herman Perry, a African-American member of the 849th Engineer Bn (Aviation). Perry shot and killed a white officer while in Burma d
  6. I live in Indianapolis. If there is anything I can do to help you in your research, let me know.
  7. The U.S. Army went to a four tank platoon in the late 1980's. A four tank platoon is less cumbersome than the old five tank platoon. Elvis was in the scout platoon, Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion 32nd Armor at Ray Barracks, Friedberg West Germany.
  8. Guys, I recently found this in a local antique store for a few bucks. Lucky find or miss?
  9. I used to own that Heart. IIRC, he was KIA outside of Aachen and he's buried in Winter Haven, Florida. His mother was adamant that "Old Hickory Division" be placed on his headstone.
  10. Melvin E. Biddle, the last surviving Hoosier to receive the Medal of Honor during World War II, died Thursday at his home in Anderson. He was 87. Friends said Biddle, a Daleville native, was a humble man who rarely talked about the two days in 1944 when he single-handedly killed more than a dozen German soldiers. "He didn't want to be publicized too much," said Lew Goodwin, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 266 in Anderson. "He told us he did it to help his buddies out. He got tired of being shot at. He got tired of everyone being pinned down." Biddle was a member of V
  11. When I crewed M60A2's in the late 70's there was talk about removing track pads in intervals to increase traction in mud and snow.
  12. There's usually a small patch of driver's seat covering missing afterwards.
  13. The 33rd Armored Regiment was authorized a PUC - Streamer embroidered HASTENRATH-SCHERPENSEEL Several elements of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment was awarded the PUC for the Roer and Siegfried Line.
  14. I'm sorry to hear of Tom's passing. Tom was a good man, and I never heard a bad word about him.
  15. During my Cold War service the U.S. Government trained me as a M60A2 crewman and sent me to Europe. I got to drink German beer, chase German girls, travel to countries I probably would have never afforded to see, play with tanks, blow stuff up and a couple of other things I really shouldn't mention....all the while paying me every month. I deserve a medal for that? No.
  16. Allan, it may have changed but when I was a member of 3/33 Armor in 1978-80, we were authorized to wear the Belgian fourragere.
  17. I remember seeing one Spec-7 during my active duty days and he was in the Medic Platoon, HHC, 3/33 Armor. Most, if not all, of our Armor MOS (19J20) Sergeants in that battalion were "acting jack" Spec-5 wearing hard stripe insignia. However, once they hit E-6, they were Staff Sgt rather than Spec-6. Slang for Sp4 was "Speedy-Fours"
  18. And the sound of crickets chirping would replace speeches in every legislature across the country.
  19. Thanks for the link. I remember firing Shillelagh missiles at M32 ARVs and AMX-13s at Grafenwoehr.
  20. John, the next time I get over to the Indianapolis Public Library, I'll see if I can find his obit for you. They usually have a photo attached.
  21. Nice to see you posting here, Matt. Glad to see you found the info on Greene too.
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