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  1. Here are the rest of the decals, and I actually have doubles of some. I knew I've seen your patches on one of the reference sites, just couldn't remember which one. I didn't realize who I was talking to! I'll send you a private message.
  2. Those two tinsel ones are exactly what I recognized, those are some of the nicest squadron patches I've seen. Glad they went to a good home from the looks of it. I agree, I think the desert ones are probably from after they came home. All the ones I've seen are unused and look US made. That's what I was thinking, but I couldn't remember if there were other usaf wings stationed at Kunsan as well. That is another excellent patch, quite the collection. It's surprisingly tough to find the in country made wing patches. Also I just bought some things you might appreciate. Made a road trip to pick up
  3. Here's one that just came in the mail. Think this one is likely 354th TFW but I have not found anything to confirm it yet.
  4. I have a few of these as well, I like looking for the color variations of identical patches.
  5. Yes, the second one from the right is the FDS one I was saying is a repro. You're saying this one is as well? I've tried to find another or any info on this one and have had no luck. A few other collectors suggested it looked Saudi made. Also are those all in your collection? That is an amazing collection, I certainly recognize a few of those from auctions I didn't win. I've looked everywhere for a Darlings patch and have had no luck yet.
  6. Randy those are all excellent patches, no wonder I can't find any! I really love the in country made squadron patches, especially SEA. Here's a few of my 356th as well, some missing here. FDS era on far right of the big group is a repro. Second photo shows different sizes, I love the big early patches too but they are not easy to find either. One of my favorites is the standard 356 design on far left with brown and tan colors, I think it's Saudi made.
  7. Next up, some 355th TFS. The early one is full embroider on a party suit.
  8. Next up, some 353rd Tactical Fighter Squadron. First photo shown with a fuselage decal. Second one has some others plus close up view of the early patches.
  9. Thank you Randy. Here's two of the first squadron, 352nd Fighter Day / Tactical Fighter Squadron. This one is very hard to find any patches from.
  10. Hello all, first new topic here for me. I've been trying to focus my collection on all things related to the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, home of the 354 TFW. I like to share my collection so others can enjoy it as well, so here's the first of many posts to come. These are most of my patches for the Wing itself, not including squadron patches.
  11. Sorry to dig up an old thread... Does anyone know if empireguns is still active or can be contacted another way?
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