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    I maintain a Facebook page called US Army Unit Crests and I am always looking to add crests that are not listed. Most the time I need help to ID some crests.. Thank you for having me on the Military Forum..
  1. Thanks Joepe I have seen that excellent crest book.. It's on page D-12. Good reference to have for when you go to any swap meets.
  2. My book "A Collection of US Army Unit Crests" is now $69.95 plus $10 S&H.   It 300 + pages of color pictures of over 10,000 Army Crests.. Many of them are hard to find "in color".  


    I am only able to mail within the US at this time. 


    Thank you all for your support.   


  3. After several people asked about getting my book, I went ahead and had 20 more printed.. I put them back up on eBay with free shipping. $89.95 is the price. This is a collection of over 10,000 US Army Unit Crests. 302 pages all pictures are in color. It contains ONLY pictures of US Army unit crests. No history or background on units. The crests are broken down into 5 chapters, Numbered units Alpha units JROTC ROTC National Guard by State crest. These crests are in a 8 by 5 format. Except for JROTC and ROTC, they are in 8 by 4 to keep all the schools information listed. The book is in a spiral bound format and was made to take with you to swap meets. So you can flop open to a page with no worries about the binding. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114156860700?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 You can also check out my Facebook page, which has over 6,000 army unit crests. Thank you for all your support
  4. Welcome to the Forum. I'm an old Army guy. 71 to 92. I mostly post about Army Unit Crests.
  5. Thanks.. So I should be looking at newer crests.. Will check out the reading room. https://www.foia.army.mil/readingroom/ I'm thinking Ordnance or Maintenance units. Thanks for your help
  6. Just checked the ASMIC State Guard catalog and this crest wasn't in there.. I will keep looking.. Maybe it's not even a US Army Unit Crest..
  7. Thanks for your help Allan. Here's the back.. I will check State Guard crest later tonight too.
  8. Thanks. I will check the catalogs I have. Was hoping someone would know it and save me from flippin' the pages.
  9. I thought it was Medical, than Artillery (Coastal, Air Defense, Field, Anti Air) and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks in advance
  10. I also put a collection of US Army Unit Crests up on my Facebook page, you can check out. https://www.facebook.com/usarmyunitcrests/ In the coming days, I will put up my list, I had back in July 2019. That has over 7,000 crests. Once I reached over 10,000 crests I made the book. The page is free.
  11. Sorry I cannot answer that question.. My book has crests from all over the place.. Authorized, unauthorized, beercan crests and crests made all over.. I did not break down where the crests are made.. I'm told that there are some made overseas. Here is an example of how the pages look. I just put them in order.
  12. My book is no longer on eBay.. Please check the Facebook page if you would like to buy it.. Thank you
  13. My book is still on eBay at $80. The free shipping offer expired on the 20th. Still a great deal.. Thank you all for your support.
  14. Thank you tredhed2. Hope you have better luck finding it than I did..
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