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    I collect WW2 and earlier US Navy and the other Sea services(USMS,USSB,USRS,USCG,USGS) rating badges and insignia. Also uniform, headgear ect........

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  1. Thanks, Just probably going to buy sea service's insignia, but i do collect ww2 German but mostly edge weapons. Also buy some graded comics a few times a year, marvel key issue's. Usually buy a few items of each a year. Curious to what you have coming.
  2. Yeah, I should of edit that statement, instead i added the info below it after looking at pics more.
  3. Did he mention what they were for by chance? Yeah, i have buying a few rates lately. I have my insignia collection yet and some uniforms and helmets and other navy things. Just down size a lot.
  4. Thanks, it seem like there easier found on white. I personally found that the aviation rigger rates are far more rarer then the aviation quartermaster rates even though they were shorter lived. I think there were only 3 aviation rates during ww1. You had aviation Carpenter's mate, aviation Machinist's mate, and Aviation Quartermaster.
  5. I would say at least span am period. The insignia looks earlier from what you can see, like cw era and post cw era with the star above the eagle. Wish we could see more of the insignia. Wondering if the star is for graduate of petty officer's school which was used during 1902-1905 but it was to be worn one inch below the rating chevron. The 1 ray pointing down. I guess they did not do everything by the regs. if this is the case.
  6. Pamcraft marked 1930era Aviation Ordnanceman 1st class rating badge
  7. Yeah, guessing this one falls into the rates that were made before they were authorized by regs. Working on a riker mount with such rates and strikers. He had this listed as a "US Navy 1st Class Petty Steam Propulsionman Rate, WWII, World War II, WW2". Not sure were he got that info at.
  8. Yes Justin you got it. In 1921 the Signalman rating badge came out and i am guessing the coast coast guard would of use that insignia in 1921 also. Prior to 1921 there was a distinguishing mark only in use for the navy for Quartermasters qualified as Signalmen.
  9. Snag this off ebay this past weekend. I admit i had to look this one up but do know the i.d.. Thought i would see if others could i.d. it first. At first glance it looks like a old 1st class signalman, but take a closer look to insignia, you see this has staff points on the flag posts. The time frame is 1915-1920 Jason
  10. yes, took a break and sold off most of my uniform collection. Have the insignia collection yet and actually bought a rate the other week. So I guess I am back buying rating badges that I need.
  11. Wish I had seen this sooner, have not been looking for a while until the other week.
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