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  1. Awesome collection!!! Tomorrow I am heading to Camp Pendleton, home of the 5th Marine Division of WWII, for the 75th Iwo Jima Anniversary memorial and banquet. I thought is appropriate to bring this thread back up now since 75 years ago next week the Iwo Jima battle began.
  2. Thanks for the narration, it was great to hear about your experience, something you will be telling your grand kids about. I was in Normandy that week with my son and several friends from California, and was fortunate to see this drop happen from the ground. I know this event was a mess from the start years earlier. The DZ location was changed several times and getting to Sannerville to watch it on the ground was a real nightmare. There was supposed to be a French official on the ground stamping your passports with a commemorative stamp, and for official entry, but that never happened a
  3. I know your comment was made a long time ago, but nice analogy Tom!
  4. Recently a couple in my neighborhood stopped by my house after seeing the WWII related license plate on my truck. The guys wanted to share with me the story about his grandfather, Liberto Vilarino from the 2nd Infantry Division of WWII. Evidently his grandfather was a famed sign painter who produced thousands of signs. One of those signs sold on IMA several years ago, but after years of searching, my neighbor has not been able to find another. Has anyone ever come across any of these signs before? Here are pictures of the one from IMA, and part of Liberto's obituary.
  5. I will definitely post pictures as I make progress on the restoration. This is a WWII gun that was evidently given/sold to Israel. The sight on it has Hebrew markings. Evidently at some point a round got jammed into the barrel and the next round fired into the rear of the first one. This caused an internal explosion. Damage from that explosion is evident on the gun in a few places, but nothing too bad. Here is one of the rounds that my friend removed from the barrel after a lot of lubricating and tapping into the rear of the cartridge. Another piece from the initial jammed round cam
  6. My rear slide assembly (on the right) definitely needs some work to make it look as nice as the one from my friends deactivated display gun on the left.
  7. My friend and I spent some time working on my M2 today. As you can see in the picture, my deactivated display gun (closest to camera) is pretty stripped down compared to my friends complete deactivated display gun (mine has no "guts" in it). I have a lot of parts on order, plus there will be a little bit of repairs and modifications that need to be done to make it look nice, and allow for the blank rounds to sit nicely.
  8. Any time there is money to be made, fakes and reproductions will appear. We just need to educate ourselves now, more than ever.
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