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  1. Yours looks like it is dated 1986
  2. Looks like a M25 or M25A1 gas mask for use in armored vehicles. Missing the filter. Era is 1960s on. Very gentle soap and water should be fine as long as it is fully air dried out of direct sun afterwards.
  3. Regarding the picture on page 44- The thread I was referring to is this one- M74 tripod, I recalled incorrectly, it wasn’t experimental just little used. Always loved those C.B. Colby books! Definitely had an impact on my interests as an adult.
  4. “...a rugged US Army Sergeant firing a ‘Tommy’, holding it against his chin.” Quote from the C.B. Colby book “Musket to M14” on page 45. On page 44 of the same book is the picture of a M1919A6 mounted on an experimental tripod discussed on another recent thread.
  5. The six pointed star has been used on firearms and swords made in Spain as a proof mark. Your frame could be a Llama.
  6. Nice covers. The bag, known as a “Chieu Hoi” bag was part of a psy-Ops program and was meant to hold a 20rd M16 magazine and be discarded once the magazine removed, doubling as a safe conduct pass. A clever way of littering the countryside with safe conduct passes for aspiring VC/NVA defectors.
  7. An original unaltered stock on the loose would be tough to find. You would also need the front band and likely some other small parts. If restored, it will always be a restored gun- it would be hard to match the patina of whatever replacement stock you may be able to find to the existing stock furniture/condition of the metal. Many also had the barrel shortened a few inches and the front sight reattached or replaced- I can’t tell in the pictures if this was done as well as the stock being cut. If you were able to find an original replacement it would increase the value, however probably
  8. It has been sporterized by cutting down the fore end. This knocks down the value considerably. I’ve seen similar ones go in the $225-350 range.
  9. Solid work on assembling an elusive set!
  10. A lot of guys working for the CIA in the early months of the war on terror had AKs, a lot of these personnel were former SF, or on loan from SF units. Further info and pictures can be found in books like “First In” and “Jawbreaker”.
  11. I have one with the tags but it is a 1967 contract and the tags are white. I don’t have it displayed so I won’t comment on that part of your question.
  12. My great uncle joined c1949 and served through the Korean conflict and was issued one of these hats that I now have in my collection. I have seen a family photo of him wearing it.
  13. That’s a treasure chest indeed! According to the label the chest was for 10 model 1915 Wurfgranaten (pictured below)
  14. Despite not being adopted- A wicked looking blade nonetheless. Thanks for posting, I look forward to the other prototypes when you get them.
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