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  1. That’s a treasure chest indeed! According to the label the chest was for 10 model 1915 Wurfgranaten (pictured below)
  2. Despite not being adopted- A wicked looking blade nonetheless. Thanks for posting, I look forward to the other prototypes when you get them.
  3. Great group from a well armed cavalryman. Thanks for keeping this history together.
  4. Was reading about this massive blaze that has been burning in Utica NY for over 36hours now. I did a little research into this massive complex- although it was currently an abandoned derelict building and had in more recent history housed an outlet mall and other tenants, this was the original home of the Savage (and after 1920) the Savage-Stevens Company. This is where the arms were produced during WW1 and WW2. Here are some numbers I found: As part of America’s Arsenal of Democracy during WW2 this factory in Utica produced- 1501000 Thompson Submachine guns 295361
  5. I knew a guy who had one just like this- they make for an impressive display with the open transit chest. That was the only one I have come across in person, I can’t imagine that many of them made it back as souvenirs. Congratulations on a nice find!
  6. Another online search, and I couldn’t find one that looked exactly like it, but there are IFAK kits out there that attach to similar looking panel. Unless someone has another idea of what it could be for, I am leaning toward some IFAK variation. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Thanks for the lead DocCollector1441- the vest does have another pouch around the right side that is marked with a Red Cross in marker on the flap, it doesn’t look like the standard IFAK pouches I have seen before but I would think was used for first aid supplies judging by the cross. I know it would be personal preference, but from what you have seen is carrying more than one IFAK done?
  8. None that I can find, also can’t find where one would have been removed.
  9. A quick way to tell at a distance if it is a M56 belt or earlier is the M56 was adjustable at both ends. Earlier M1936/M1912/M1910 pistol belts were only adjustable on one end.
  10. You may have better luck over on the World Militaria Forum as I think we can agree that this is not US
  11. Throwing out a guess- magazine pouch for Steyr-Solothurn S2-100/MG30/31.M since many of these were exported, they could have had various non-German magazine pouches. Magazines were similar looking to the MG13. Solothurn 31.M was used by Hungary- pictures I’ve seen in use don’t show the mag carrier clearly however. Variants also used by Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, El Salvador. Still looking.
  12. A quick look in the book German Machine Guns by Daniel D Musgrave does not show a magazine carrier like this in the MG13 section. It shows MG13 magazine pouches and boxes all carrying 8 magazines as well. Not that this is by any means an exhaustive search or reference, as this post initially made me think MG13 too, but if it is for an MG13 I haven’t found reference of it yet.
  13. You ought to go buy a lottery ticket!
  14. Ben Rocklin with one of his knives. Nice find!
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