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  1. How long was the Southern Cross produced by Whitehead and Hoag? For example, were they still making them in the 1950's for the UDC? Thanks!
  2. Theater made, but is this a WW2 patch or Korean War era?
  3. Thanks Bob, that's all I needed to hear and my sympathies to the buyer.
  4. Ugly as sin, but I've heard these particular scrolls can be like that. What really throughs me is the miss spelling of "Triton". Currently on eBay. Good or Bad?
  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The scan makes the arc appear brighter than it it. The base material and construction matches Japanese made patches from during the era. When I get a chance, I will post another Japanese made that has the same type of materials and similar construction.
  6. Is this an original waritme tab? Who was it worn by? Thanks!
  7. I have a question. Do they fake UCV badges? Id like to add an example of one to my collection, but I dont want to get ripped off.
  8. Thanks for the information it's much appreciated!
  9. At least thats what it looks like? Does anyone here know what the story is behind this?
  10. Thanks for the clarification. Strange manufacture for a patch like this.
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