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  1. Thanks Mike, I appreciate your thoughts on this Erich
  2. Is this original? Is it Civil War period or later? Thanks!
  3. Is this an original Civil War wartime D? It's stamped and lead filled.
  4. Thanks Mike, I'll post the sketch I'm working up when I'm done. The tattoo is for me, my great-great-great Grandfather was part of that company, so I need to make sure I get it right. Erich
  5. I agree, from looking at photos it would be atypical. Thank you for your suggestion, I will post the drawing in the future to make sure all the heraldry reads correctly,
  6. Mike, T hank you for your help. Would the "correct" arrangement of the insignia be Acorn above the Infantry Horn. The number 86 in the middle of the horn and the D underneath the horn? Erich
  7. I'm working on a piece of tattoo flash art for the Illinois 86th, Company D. Because this is going to be on someone permanently, I need to make sure I have it 100% right. Could anyone tell me what badge this company could have used or the configuration they could have worn on the top of their kepi? Forgive me if these are ignorant questions, I'm a fish out of water when it comes to knowledge of the Civil War.
  8. Mike, Thanks for your help with this! Erich
  9. How long was the Southern Cross produced by Whitehead and Hoag? For example, were they still making them in the 1950's for the UDC? Thanks!
  10. Theater made, but is this a WW2 patch or Korean War era?
  11. Thanks Bob, that's all I needed to hear and my sympathies to the buyer.
  12. Ugly as sin, but I've heard these particular scrolls can be like that. What really throughs me is the miss spelling of "Triton". Currently on eBay. Good or Bad?
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