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    USN & USMC WW2 - 1955 US manufactured SQUADRON PATCHES; preferably ID'd or with clues to the original Veteran that earned the right to wear them. I love unknowns and researching the items I collect.

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  1. That's VT-16 on the right. Let me know if you are parting with it. Jeffro
  2. I think Johnny's patch has been washed or at least very wet at one time or two. Looks like there is some slight shrinking in his too. They are both embroidered on wool felt. Yes, there are some differences in the US embroidered on wool examples that Johnny and I have compared to yours. It is the embroidered background on yours that concerns me. The fact that yours is nearly identical to the original design and one in the book as well as the one in the photo album indicates to me that they were used to reproduce yours. There are even differences between the decal in the photo album and the one
  3. Robert, looks US embroidered on felt and early to mid 1950s to me. I can't ID the maker. The moths were very delicate and only ate the outermost blue felt on this patch keeping the overall condition very presentable! If you ever find the earlier version and want to pass this one along, just let me know. Jeffro
  4. Rick, I've seen a couple of these over many years of collecting and like Johnny, I've yet to positively ID it. I suspect it is a black cat patrol squadron and I think the patch looks like it should be oriented at a 45 degree angle down to the left. If I remember correctly, I've seen one that was sold with some PBY and sailor photos a while back. Jeffro
  5. The first one Johnny posted is an original US embroidered on wool. I' m not sure of the exact tour off the top of my head, but I have the same patch in my collection. I personally don't like the embroidery of the one on your jacket, although I must say it most accurately matches the official submitted drawing of the squadron insignia. The embroidery style just isn't something I've seen identified as WW2 era work. Also, the embossed wings on the leather jacket patch...are they silver? If so, that makes me question the patches and jacket. Jeffro
  6. Hello all, I have been displaying my USN & USMC squadron patches in lockable, walnut 18x24x2 inch display cases for as long as I've been collecting. However, these days, sadly, most of my collection sits in storage bins. So, I finally decided to order some more cases from my usual supplier, Indian River Display Cases, and found out they haven't made them in over four years with no plans to start producing them again. You could buy 3 for $54 each when I last ordered them. Now I've begun searching for a similar quality product, but haven't been able to find them for less than $94 each! Does
  7. I saw it identified and didn't write it down, but it was within the last year. I could've sworn it was here on the forum under recent finds or can you I'd or AAF shoulder patches, but cannot find it now.
  8. I'm sure this was identified on the forum already, but I cannot find the post. It's the one on lower right in the photo. Any help on the Baker Dog patch would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
  9. I think your patch is for VA-44 circa 1949-1950. There was a brief period where some USN CAGs were using different colors/chess pieces to designate squadrons belonging to a carrier's air group. The King designated the CAG, the Pawn was used for Fighter squadrons and the Knight designated the attack squadron. VA-44 was briefly named the "Scarlett Knights" before being disestablished in 1950. They did two cruises aboard the USS Midway in 1949 and 1950. Sent you a PM. Jeffro
  10. I think the Aviator on the lower left is wearing the patch. Taken from the same source as above.
  11. Rick, I'm not saying the design wasn't used during WW2, but I think your patch is more likely the 1953-1956 version based on the design charcteristics (turtle and periscope) and manufacturing details. It would make sense that it is close to the VS-931 design used during the Korean War but modified after they were redesignated VS-20 as mentioned above. The squadron was absorbed into Anti-submarine squadron 21 after the cruise. This photo is from the Navy.de website and is from the 1956 Westpac cruise of CVS-37 USS Princeton: It is a great looking patch. Jeffro
  12. Rick, the VP Navy website has this patch listed as belonging to Anti-submarine squadron twenty (VS-20) flying the P2V2 (Truculent Turtle). Jeffro
  13. I'm with Kammo-man. Take your time and try to match up the holes with a needle and thread and put the patches back on. The jacket by itself isn't very valuable or interesting in my opinion. Jeffro
  14. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for posting them. They sure look like decals. That guy was definitely talented. I wonder if he had something to do with the designs of some of those insignia. Pretty cool. Jeffro
  15. Old Crow 1986, do you have pictures of the other three framed displays? I'd love to see them! Jeffro
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