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    History, Hamradio, WWII (focus on danish resistance) Photo ect...

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  1. Yeah. - How to sell, after gettin' rid of me!
  2. Yeah. It miss the "AA eyeshild assy", as well as the A178246 Plate. (nameplate) For the rest, the Elevation tracking scope is complete. Should i try to find the complete M1(A1)unit, i think my wife would kill me...
  3. This is the one that looks very similar, if not identical, to the one i have... Is that the one Mr. Ambrosini? If so, i have to take contact to a Brittish collector. Has been talking to several Danish collectors. But no knowledge. - Even thou it's found in Denmark... Thanks to You Sir, I'm slowly gettin' closer...
  4. T Ambrosini. I think You just made the score! So a spotter-scope for a (Brit?) rangefinder. Sorry for the very late answer, by the way. Had a bit to look after, since my last post! One accident seldom comes alone... :D But again, many thanks for all the help and suggestions! - It is much appreciated!
  5. Very interesting for sure! And i wouldn't mind if my scope was a rangefinder scope at all! As a Ham buff, everything electronic or mechanic is fascinating... As it's the M17 that can be seen, on above photos, i'd still really like to find out, exactly what my scope was used for. And there i believe you has brought me a great leap further... Thanks a lot for now!
  6. Maybe, if family could be found, they would like a peace of history?
  7. Thanks alot for welcoming me here! I'm humble!
  8. Thank You Sir! Unfortunately, after about a hour of surfing "US mortar sight" and "US artillery sight", the closest i have seen is a m17 "elbow" scope. Really gettin intrigued by how difficult it is to get any info on it...
  9. Thanks both! #Klinsmann May i ask why You're having Anders Lassen's portrait as a avatar? Related? I'm from Randers
  10. Has had this Scope for quite some years. And I really don't know anything about where it was used, or on what equipment... As my son, and i, have used several hours, on the net, only finding one picture. We really hope someone in here can shed some light! It has a build in grey, red and yellow filter, and a crosshair that can be lit up. No stamps can be seen, as they are painted over. Best regards
  11. As a new member I think, I'm supposed to say hello. I've always been interested in history, especially in WWII's Denmark. But as a broadening, WWII in general. And modern day political/military developments. Besides history, my interests are photo, hamradio, collecting memorabilia ect. I'm born in '67, have 3 "subharmonic" teens, and am living with my wife on the 26'th year... Hope i can supply this forum, with a minimum of qualified input... Best regards Tonni
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