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  1. well it was a pretty long and productive day! i really need to look into buying a better digital camera though! Not happy with the camera Im using!! all in all we took over 400 photos and 20 figures, most of which I can use! New talley 75 figures for the book with 10 more waiting to be done!! Lucky for me Owen's friend Kevin was so photogentic!!! all in all a good day!! paul
  2. Thanks Mr. X!! just got a package today from the National Archives in DC they sent me 10 photos of SF in 1961 in Laos, some really cool team shots and gear and such!! Gotta get some more from them!!! But wont be cheap lol paul
  3. UPDATE: as of today ive got roughly 600+ photos, and have a huge photo shoot this weekend at kammo mans house!! using a large part of his collection of camo, Bob Chatt and Vintage Prod. was nice enough to loan me a few hats for the book, as well as jeff Warner is nice enough to bring over some of WWII weapons, and gear, as well as access to a HUGE knife collection, which Im going to pick up today!! The book should be well over 900+ photos, totally jazzed right now, spending a good 5 hours a day working hard!!! this sunday will be another 20 plus figures Im photographing totall for the
  4. I got one way back in 1989 and complained about paying 50.00 for it, boy was I dumb!!! still one of my fav books to look at!! Really love all the clear pix in the original copy!! Great pix!! and a great book!! paul
  5. Hey all, real quick, just got some more photos today, book count is up to 500+ Knives, I now have over 50 different knives in the back section of the book from the simple hunting knives of the period to the super unique all with a brief discription. Headgear: now up to 25 different cowboy hats, pith helmets, patrol caps and berets thanks all
  6. Thanks Paul just took another 100+ photos over the weekend and have access to a huge private knife collection and am waiting on photos from the National Archives that have photos for me in the mail; SWEET!!! book should be at least 900+ photos B&W and color!! more updates to come
  7. hey all just finished with the book intro and such.... This new book covers the little known advisor and combat operations of USSF serving in Laos from 1959-1962. This is the first book to accurately show the appearance of USSF and provides the reader with an insight into the wide range of uniforms, weapons and field equipment used by the early Special Forces advisors serving TDY in SE Asia prior to Vietnam.   The volume sets the stage for the USSF next and longest involvement in SE Asia; Vietnam. The devastating and dramatic character of the war required many innovations in m
  8. Thanks Owen, your the best!! yea Im spending upwards of 5 hours a day, reading, typing organizing and so on hoping to have 900+ photos which will include period knives, civillian clothes, headgear as well as other "Americana" items, such as cracker tims, soap, and so on..... thanks again paul
  9. sneak peak, here are a few pix from the upcomming book paul and one from part 2
  10. pwmiraldi67

    beo gam hat

    short and sweet! beo Gam leopards, pattern is less busy than Duckhunter, Duckhunter has clumps of spots that touch and over lap Beo gam does not Duck hunter will never turn purple and pink Beo Gam will turn purple and pink Beo gam has very unique patterns, like 2 dinosaures, (just head #2 & #3)one T-Rex and one C- monster (see #4) Beo Gam Beo Gam Beo Gam Beo gam Duck hunter Duck hunter
  11. pwmiraldi67

    beo gam hat

    AMEN, not to mention the term "Jones" hat!! No one in the US Military ever called it this, this is a British term, thats a full on hunting/fishing hat and a total piece of crap just like the movie and the TV show!! paul
  12. hey All, So I posted this in book report and havnt gotten any response, so I thought Id move it here!!! I just got the green light (On Monday Aug 2)from Schiffer Pub. LTD. for the 1st two of 10 books on Special Forces in South east Asia. the 1st book will be on White Star, 1960-1962. and cover the years in Laos. Ive seen some cool parachute material cowboy hats as well as green and tan cowboys on here before, which ive saved but wanted to get the ok from the owners. I know Chis at ralley point has a Cowboy just like mine, and would love to use some of his pix. If anyone has any period
  13. hey All, just got the green light from Schiffer Pub. LTD. for the 1st two books on Special Forces in South east Asia. the 1st book will White Star, and cover the years in Laos. If anyone has any photos, uniforms, paper work, jump docs or headgear youd like to take photos of and add to the book Id be greatful! currently I have about 700+ original B&W photos of SF in Laos, and can always use more!!! The 2nd book will be 1960-1963 and cover the 1st 5th, and 7th Groups, also if you have anything to add to this please feel free to email em to me.... pwmiraldi67@hotmail.com thnaks,
  14. very very nice!!!!! you guys look awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! paul
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