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  1. 1st.Div. That is an interesting photo!!! I also have been interested in photo's like that. My dad had a pic of him made in 1945 in Manila standing in front of what's left of the Government building after the liberation and I've always wanted to go there and have my pic made at that same spot. Thanks!!!
  2. Thanks for all the info!!! seige, looks like your photo was taken close to the same place. After looking at SAT images, it may be Upper Table Rock in the background? And it's probably along side of a road since there are telephone poles visable. Again thanks for all the info!!!
  3. Here is a pic that has written on the back, " At rest, Ft. Lane Oregon, time 12:30, February 14, 1943" It was probably taken by my dad and I'm wondering if any of you guys know where this pic might have been taken? The box the soldier is holding says Nestley on it. Is that Table Rock in the background? Thanks for any info!!!
  4. Wow!!! Thats a great score!!! Chesterfield sponsored the Moonlight Serenade with the Glenn Miller Orchestra until Miller went in the Army. Fred Waring invented the blender. Thanks!!!
  5. Great pics of the Battleship and the Kingfisher. The Kingfisher on the North Carolina has an amazing history as do all of the existing Kingfishers. They are truly rare birds nowdays. Thanks!!!
  6. Here is a pic of a P-40 flying over Camp Siebert Alabama during WWII. Camp Siebert was a Chemical Corp training base from 1941 through 1945.
  7. Here is a photo from 1965 showing an OS2 Kingfisher on the deck of the USS Alabama (BB-60). The aircraft has since undergone restoration again and is now housed in an indoor pavilion at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile Alabama. Thanks!!! The second photo is of the stearn hoist from several years later.
  8. Neat crate!!! Here is a snapshot my father had. It was made during an air attack in Linguyen Gulf prior the landings. If you can make out the sky, there is a wall of lead put up and the dark speck near the center of the frame has an aircraft going down in flames next to it. Looking at the original pic with a magnifying glass, I've counted at least nine specks in the sky that could possibly be aircraft or shell bursts. I don't know for sure which vessel this was made from. Those shells may have come from your crate? Thanks!!!
  9. I live near a now-defunct WWII era Chemical Corps training base called Camp Siebert in Alabama during the war. Supposedly they cleaned up the area after the war. when the base was closed in 1946. Years ago when I was in jr. high school which was built on the site of the old base, students use to bring mortar shells and arty shells they found in the woods to school to show everyone. I know at least one time they showed us a film on UXO's that identified different types and told us not to touch anything found like that and to call the police. Years later the Army had contractors come in and surv
  10. Belly flops usually destroy the gear box in front of the engine on the '51 requiring a complete engine block replacement. Also the radiator gets ripped out. Those two parts are the most expensive and hard to come by pieces for the '51. It usually takes years and $$$ to get a privately owned '51 back airworthy after a belly landing. The owner/pilot should be thankful that they are still here to worry about that.
  11. The lady in the background is the "Mighty A", USS Alabama (BB-60) at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile Alabama. The submarine USS Drum (SS-228) is also on display. In addition to the outdoor displays, the indoor pavilion has a collection of war birds and military vehicles. The snack bar has the voted best hamburger in Mobile. Thanks!!!
  12. Here is a couple more Shermins in Combat. These were at the edge of a river in the Philippines. This was in downtown Manila.
  13. Wonderful pictures!!! Great that you are showing them in order too!!! Years ago, I worked with a fellow that was in the 11th AB. He always told us that he had taken off and jumped from an airplane three times in his life, but had never been in an airplane when it had landed back on the ground. Thanks!!!
  14. Here is a pic that my father took in the Philippines in 1945. Handwritten on back of photo: "Japanese Type 95 "HA GO" Tank". Looks as though it was field stripped of many parts. Dad told me that they ran across tanks like this that were used as pill boxes. He was in the the 40th ID also.
  15. In 1973, I was 17 years old and registered 1-A. I had been watching the lottery real close. My birthdate always came up early. President Nixon ended the draft about a month before my 18th birthday. The guys born the year after me (1957) never registered for the draft. Thanks!!!
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