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  1. Wow! Beautiful grouping! I have a liking for WWII Marine material. If you are so inclined, you might go to "Jumpin Jack's Collection" under the Display Forum for some interesting viewing.
  2. You have an excellent start. Besides the tabs, all that remains is a bullion specimen. Nicely displayed! Jack
  3. I've shown some this this grouping previously, but I've pulled material out of storage to consolidate the grouping. It belonged to Tuskegee Airman, Major Leonard F. Turner,332nd Fighter Group. Not shown is a large assortment of flying manuals, etc. Most significant is his 1944 Tuskegee Class book.
  4. The other one is 922nd Aviation Engineer Regiment. Jack
  5. Terrific grouping! The anticipation mounts. You are one lucky individual. Jack
  6. Look good to me, but check out other comments.
  7. The CPO jacket is post WWII, but showing WWII service by virtue of his ribbon bars with an interesting history. Not in great demand. I would put the value at $55., s bit higher if the jacket is named. The PO jacket is post WWII. Maybe $20.
  8. I think between Jay and Bruce, they have cornered the market on named Army Good Conduct Medals. Glad this has been discussed as I was totally unaware that some might have rim numbers. Additionally, this is the first that I have seen wrapped brooch pieces. I have a few named medals, but all are attributed. Virtually all of mine are with the original boxes, so if I can be of any help possibly identifying makers, I would be happy to do so. Jack
  9. All three items look pristine. Great acquisitions! Are you going to share some of your other items? Jack
  10. Rocky, I've had an assortment of service rings, but never one in 12K. The V5 ring is very interesting. Do you have a name for the recipient? I would think that $75. plus the gold weight would be a fair price. Good luck! Jack
  11. Where else other than the Forum can one start out with minimal information, and end up with the entire picture?!
  12. Totally disagree. This is a Navy aviators green service tunic, and correct for WWII. Jack
  13. Dan, welcome aboard. You have really come on strong with some of your dad's uniforms. I can sense the pride in your presentation. Jack
  14. Welcome to the Forum. It was a good move on your part as you will find there are individuals that are very well versed in a wide array of subjects, and willing to share. Would it be possible to view your US medal groupings? Jack
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