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  1. Yesterday the farmer worked on the field we liked to search on. So we had to move to another location where, as we were told, a Horsa Glider crashed down and catched Fire. A lot of rotten Wooden parts an molten Lead on the field. The pictures shows the parts that were not completely trash... Can anyone Identify what the the Plastic cap was for? I found an alloy 2 Francs Vichy coin from 1943, so at last it was worth the work. The Bullet is flatten so you can´t get the right caliber. Must be from a small Pistol maybe a 7,63mm it´s defenitly smaller than a 9mm Bullet.
  2. Nice! Please continue I like to see more! By the way, we got the confirmation to search the MedEvac Zone! It took some time cause the Farmer told us everything he knew for more the an Hour! My friend did a fast run on the field an came back with US, British and German Buttons, a Handful of 25 PDR cases, also a lot of Glider parts... And he were out there only for 20 minutes. Lets see what it will be on Thursday, as promised I will put the Pictures in here.
  3. Ok, thank you very much for the Info! Unfortunally i missed it yesterdax
  4. Thats right the whole Airstrip could be flooded. The Destroyed Original Railway Bridge is made of Brick, but I mean the "new" Rhine crossing build in 1953 a litte upwards the river. This Metal Brigde was build on the remains of the "Rheinbabenbrücke" which was a Car Bridge. Many people didn´t know there were two Brigdes until 1945! The Railway Bridge and the Car Bridge. When the Wesel Spearhead was evacuateted the "Rheinbabenbrücke" was blown up on 10 March 1945 just a few Hours before the much older Railway Brigde was also destroyed. Today you can visit the remains of the Railway Bridge on th
  5. Oh, I think the View has changed a litte sice then... A new big Hotel now stands directly at the Rhine river near the old Bridge and a new Brigde is build to replace the old Iron Bridge. Fortunally all remains of Fort Blücher and the old Bridge are not destroyed. Last Spring there must be a litte Anniversary show around the Landing Zones, but I didn´t notice anything of it. Must have been very little... A friend of mine and I just found the location of one of the bigger MedEvac places and will start some resarch on Thursday. Hopefully we will be aloud by the Farmer to search the field with
  6. I´ve looked through the Dogtag pinned thread and i´m not sure this ones are original US Dogtags. They seem to miss some Informations. Please can you take a look at them and tell me if they are Original or not. Maybe they are before WWII or later. Here is the complete link: Dogtags Thanks! Carsten
  7. By the Way, i´m looking for Aerial Recon Photos or detailed maps of the Wesel and Hamminkeln Area. For this Exspecaliy Air recon maps/pics regarding FLAK or Artillierie Emplacements are interesting. Also i´m starting resaerches regarding the approach to the Ruhrkessel on the Dinslaken - Dorsten Trail. Here the US Armored Div. had hard fights through the forests. Pictures or Recon maps are hard to find here in Germany, so if anyone has some scans or else please let me know. @101combatvet: This was no normal Hiding. The Bridge was used as Hangars for the Field Airstrip. It was
  8. I live in Wesel and know a lot about Operation Plunder and Varsity. I also own a metal detector and try to proof the Books right by finding some relicts of the Battles. And you find a lot there! If you can read German, try to get the Book "Krieg vor der eigenen Haustür" or "Jugend im Krieg". Real good ones. I have spoken to a lot of Farmers in the Landing Zones, fist to get their Admission to search their fields an second to find out what they know about troops and fightings in the Area. Here are some Storys I got from them, some are also mentioned in the Books above: A group of thre
  9. Ok, then I will watch for a belt hook. I think a Repro one will do it also, but maybe i´m lucky and Dig one up on the weekend . Thanks for your help so far!
  10. Hy, first of all please exceuse my (sometimes) bad English. I´m from Germany so please be patient with me. I found this pocket with other WWII Stuff I stored away, cause I ran out of room in my old workroom. Please can you help me Identify this one, if it´s WWII Erea or later? The Button is stamped with "KlikIt" a Star and "PULL". The Edges inside are enhanced with leather and the backside Strip holder ist made of Brass. No other stamps or markings are readible any more! A normal Pistol Belt fits through the Backside holder but there are no fixing for hooks. I would be glad if som
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