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    My collection is strictly WWII, with a heavy focus on U. S. forces, though I own Luftwaffe, RAF, and Brit. Commando, and I have owned German Heer and W-SS, too. I try to remain disciplined in what I buy, but sometimes the devil gets the best of me and I stray, which is easy to do when one appreciates all aspects of WWII history. The vast majority of my collection has focussed on completing entire ensembles exactly as it would have been worn at the time, right down to the bits in the pockets, and then the remainder of the collection can be divided into two other camps: The study collection, which consists of items that can only be described as the finest examples of their kind in unmodified, unadorned, factory-like condition and intended for study, as well as enjoyment, and then there are those items that just are too darn neat to pass up. I'm not a helmet or headgear collector per se, but I do have a fair amount of that which falls into this category, and some of these pieces fall into the camps of the study collection.
  1. The deceit exists in your mind. I presented a description in writing sans deceit. You wanted to believe beyond what was written and act passively without asking questions. I have NEVER misrepresented anything I've sold, and everything I've sold has come with a guarantee for life to be exactly as represented or money will be refunded in full. I strongly suggest you heed the warning I just posted regarding false accusations. Moderators, you need to start moderating.
  2. I suggest strongly that you think much more comprehensively than you have up until now and choose your words very, very carefully. You're supposed to be a moderator here; whatever that may say about those who appointed you has me scratching my head. You just called me liar where there is no evidence of this act (see your highlighted quote in red). Please be on notice, as there will be no further warnings: You better be able to substantiate everything you say about me, and you better keep records. I promise you - you will find yourself on the wrong end of a libel action if unsubstantiated
  3. If you want to debate what is right or wrong, let's take this a step further into the realm of what's legal and what is illegal. I direct this not just to you, but to EVERYONE on this forum, and especially to those who are electing a posture of piety and righteous condemnation in this liner matter: How many here would wittingly purchase an item from a seller knowing the seller had drastically underpriced that item (the buyer is poised to make a huge profit, maybe 800% or even much more)? Please keep in mind, you're not going to divulge to the seller that the item is substantially underva
  4. I'm not sure just why you can't comprehend this, but false advertising is NOT the same thing here. And your car analogy totally fails to hold water. If the car is damaged and repaired from the flood, then it cannot be repaired using its own original parts, thus the car could NOT be advertised in the manner you're trying to connect with my liner.
  5. I do get what you are saying. But contrary to what you and others here may think, not every collector sees things and thinks in the same manner. If you clean a helmet and remove the dirt and rust to make the markings more visible and the helmet more like appeared in, say, 1944, I don't care if you tell me or not. But if you add the markings or repaint the markings, then I do care. Some collectors like to think romantically that the dirt, grime or rust on an item is from Saipan or Normandy; in most cases, this residue is from poor storage in someone's garage or basement, or when the
  6. I totally understand your concern. But I emphasize that since my footer had been used in 99.9% of my other posts, this post was consistent with this same practice pertaining to topics that couldn't remotely be construed as selling. Beyond this, think what you wish. I'm done with it.
  7. You really can't follow my logic, so I'll give this one more shot, though I think it's an exercise in futility: Adding parts (or unit insignia) to an item no longer makes the item all original even if the parts or paint are NOS. Repairing existing original parts on an item using those same existing original parts on that item does not make the item fraudulent UNLESS it is described as being something it is not. No parts were added to the liner, NOS or otherwise; it was repaired using its own original parts. The liner is a genuine WWII Hawley Parachutist version. Theref
  8. I appreciate your post and sentiments, Ronnie. You've bought from me and I've bought from you over the years, and since i know you, I take your critique more to heart than that of others.
  9. If you look at my post history, you'll see I sign off using the same footer 99.9% of the time. I do this because people may not know me by name as I'm a low-profile collector, but they may well know my company name; this may enable them to make a connection between us both. I ended my liner post with one brief phrase that indicated I was looking for a new home for it. I also posted info. and pics regarding two reinforced para suits the same day as the liner, and I expressly stated these weren't for sale. I didn't post anything for the express purpose of selling, nor was I aware of p
  10. Where is the misrepresentation? I stated it was purchased from a seller who got it from the vet's estate. Read my words - it was NEVER stated it came to me DIRECTLY from a vet. The partial name was given to me by the seller when I probed him for info. at the time of the purchase and that info. will go with this liner to the new owner. I misjudged the timeframe as 12 years when it was 7 years - either way it was years back. I can't recall every item pertaining to its purchase date from 3 years ago, 7 years ago or 10 years ago with 100% precision off the top of my head, but that has ab
  11. I posted this liner just over a week ago. Yesterday I checked in to read posts and I see there's been quite a lot of speculation and innuendo being made, and today it's time to settle all of this: 1) The liner was purchased 7 years ago on Ebay directly from a well-established seller who got it from the veteran's family. I stated in my original post that this was acquired from a seller and not the veteran, and this representation is consistent with the facts. I checked my correspondence from the time of the sale and it was 2006. My memory was off on the time frame, just as it was for Bu
  12. Hi, Pete: Thanks for sharing your great liner! I'll try to get my grouping photographed ASAP and post it. It's very interesting that your helmet and my helmet came from the exact same company in the 346th! Best regards, Charles DiSipio
  13. The few other items in this grouping will have to wait for another day. Please enjoy the photos and story ... Best regards, Charles DiSipio History Preservation Associates Post Office Box 1450 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0059 Ph: 856-489-8103 Fx: 856-489-8104 Email: hpa_rep@comcast.net http://www.historypreservation.com
  14. Trimble's photograph with the exact same cap and jacket as worn in the photo. This isn't the first time I've encountered an EM with an officer's overseas cap w/ the EM's colored piping, though I consider this practice rare. The 101st AB Div. SSI is a less-common variant with the twill backing connecting the "Airborne" tab to the eagle-head shield. Though I have Trimble's jump wings, they may not be the set in the photo, thus aren't displayed here (the wings I have feature two stars for the two combat jumps Trimble made - Normandy and Holland).
  15. The Crown name appears on the zipper puller at a diagonal pitch, precisely matching the zipper of the jacket Trimble wears in the studio photo.
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