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  1. Audie's ID number at the time of that action was 18083707. He made Lt on 14 OCT, 1944 his number from that point forward was 0-1692509. (Honorably Discharged as an enlistedman 13 OCT, 1944) Must be some one else.
  2. Saw this on ePay. Guy only has 1 feedback. The helmet looks pretty good but the chinstraps are riveted! Seen a few riveted on ePay before. Thought you guys could shed some light on this. Liner strap looks too new to be original to the helmet. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...cTODAY.m238.lVI
  3. I would assume based on that picture that each man had an assigned number for his own skull bucket and when general quarters was sounded the man would grab his pot and head to his battle station. I have a small head and would hate to grab one adjusted for big ole melon headed fella! Any body know a WWII seaman they can ask?
  4. Reminds me of "The Longest Day" when the preacher (Roddey MacDowell?) goes diving for his kit.
  5. Dusted this rascal off the other day. Late war rear seam with the maganese rim. Has 70% + of the WWII cork finish. The texture was fine after stripping the dark green nearly black shiny smooth finish bubba painted finish. Was an even colorless finish so I repainted. How does it look?
  6. Post pics of it when you get it. Been considering gettin one myself. Brian
  7. The noob got something right! See just hangin out with you guys is rubbin off!
  8. I'm just a noob but the serging (sp?) around the edge dont look right. Like it was done with white thread. On second look that cant be it. That shows on both sides. [Going back to the corner to watch the experts play] I'll stay tuned for enlightenment. This is an awesome site! The knowledge here just amazes me!
  9. Thanks! I have used stripper before. The toxic stuff in gel form. It takes the repaint off but leaves the original GI paint untouched! Never liked the stuff though. Stinks to high heaven and burns when it gets on ya. Always seems to jump the gloves and go straight for the arms. I have a front seam and a rear seam re-paints that need a good goin over. They have nice cork under all that dark OD. They are strapless so it wont hurt to give em a squirt of oranges. I think Im off to Wally World tomorrow! I'll get some befores and afters. (Are you the BOLO from AMBACK?) Brian aka
  10. Alas the ever present Honey Do list interrupts a mans leisure yet again! Look forward to seeing the results. How did they demil it? Were they gentle?
  11. The M3s work better than Corpmans Bolo Thinkin about one of them F/S stiletto repops out there. The thin blade looks like it would work like a charm. ePay Item number: 130206340608 I didnt see this one on ePay. I wouldnt have bid on it because of the chips in the blade either. And whats the deal on the "two bend guard"? Why not use a hammer and make a rare prototype straight guard one? It would resale for $200.oo then! The blade on the one I'm lookin at has a smilar patina but no chips. It has the ordnance bomb on the pommel too so I might try him with a buck and a quarter
  12. There I fugured out how to "quote" the picture. I aint the sharpest spear in the phalanx.
  13. Check out the guy in post #8's extra can keys on his helmet! It would suck to be hungry and find out the key is missing on your can of Marmeladed Monkey Meat was missing! Reminds me of somewhere I read in a biography of a GI who always kept his eating implement in his pocket ready for action. Said he didnt want to miss an opportunity to eat. Think it was Hatcher or Stormin Normin. Hatcher I think.
  14. A man after my own heart. When I'm trading and someone asks what I want for something I always ask "What's it worth to ya?" Plus being a garbageman I sometimes have to say "I'm not at liberty to discuss my sources for these fine specimens of military accoutrements but....". He wouldn't un-a*$ it for $100. Anyone know how to rehandle M3s? I like the Okinawa idea. Sounds like a story on ePay don't it? I use an M3 with the hallmark ground off the guard for my letter opener. Hey, It was only $38.00 plus shipping!
  15. Local Gun Shop has a Blade Marked Kinfolks with 3 or 4 washers missing from the handle. VERY nice blade. Not pristine but a nice patina and not ground on. Nearly 100% original profile on the blade. I think it had the date on the blade too but I dont remember. Have to visit him this week. Any ideas on the value with the bum handle? Thanks!
  16. Wasny Bully Beef what the Brits called horse meat? I think I read that somewhere. Churchill called it that so it might be more palatable to some with a sensitive nature. Openin a tin of Bully Beef sounds better than peelin back a can of Ole Trigger dont it?
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