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  1. I'll see about some close ups tomorrow. Late war lids are darker OD than early war right?
  2. This is a friends lid that I cleaned for him. Would like opinions on whether the paint is original or repaint. Thanks.
  3. Based on the double pinned pommel I'd say Camillus. Looks like the markings were removed from the guard. That was a common practice after the war. Marking removed and sold on the surplus market. There are far more knowledgeable folks on here. I will let them give their opinions.
  4. Nice score for a Benjamin! Whats SOS? Show of Shows?
  5. Nice Weapon! I like it! It looks to me like it has had the last few washers replaced. The ones close to to pommel look lighter. Do you have a pic if the pommel? That will tell the tale on the washers.
  6. Butch, I wish I could remember where I stole..... I mean procured that avatar. I do remember I had to shrink it and do a little photo shopping. The EX wife was from NH! GOD that is pretty country up there. She wanted to take me up there to see snow one Christmas. I divorced her so I would'nt have to go! Havent seen ya at the CMP site in awhile. Mr. Robinson, Where at in GA? I am currently looking for some retirement property in south GA or north FL. In the I75 corridor, Quitman or Lakeland area or there abouts. I've always wanted to live so far out in the boonies that I could p!$$ of
  7. Love the 1905 and the 1909! Wish I still had the ones I had.
  8. I have Readers Digest "Illustrated History of World War II" and Colliers "Photographic History of World War II". I also have Simonds "History of the World War". I got two of these out of the garbage and the other at a gunshow. I dont remember which.
  9. Mr. Robinson, Thanks for the good word. If it looks good to you I know I have a keeper! Butch, FAR from an expert here but the pommel peen and finish are good ways to tell. I had a dark gray M4 Imperial years ago that was dead mint (I thought) I learned that the dark park was a sign of being re-finished. Bayo Points is an excellent site to read at length! Thats where I learned about the latch pins. Early are tapered and the later are peened in place. Look at the Guard/Pommel pic. The top one is round and smooth and the bottom one has an indention to it. I'm guessing based on Bayo Poin
  10. Mr. Jitters, Looks like we have twins! Looks great! I hope you can get it for $25.00 too! Mr. Robinson, Would love your opinion on my PAL posted just below. Its the same deal with the pommel possibly painted but it looks like the peen was never messed with. One rivet on the pommel is peened and one is not. I am leaning toward the latch being fixed on that side and the original tapered pin was not messed with. Your thoughts?
  11. Still waiting for Orest's Minions to ship me the rest of the weapons system! Maybe by the end of the month. Now I need a can opener for the Garand they're sending me too.
  12. Nice old war horse. I love them in this condition. You can actually use them!
  13. Great Score Rifleman! Ive seen these go for alot more on ePay.
  14. Looks GREAT! I had a similar M3 and I did the same repair on it. This was about 5 years ago. I dont even remember what I did with it.
  15. Here's my latest purchase. Even I get a break once in a while. The pics are big so I linked them. M4 PAL Blade Handle Guard/Pommel What do you think? Forgot to mention there is a partial Ordnance Bomb on the guard. Forgot to take a picture. Pommel looks like it has black paint. The throat of the scabbard does thats for sure. I read in Knife Points that this was done after the war when rearsenaled so they woldnt have to take the handle off. This blade looks perfect. I dont see why it would have needed the paint job. Thoughts on this guys? Thanks.
  16. I want one representative example of every small arm ever fielded by the United States (North and South) from 1776 to present! Pistols, long arms, automatic weapons, bazookas, mortars, artillery, tanks, etc. I would love to have every edged weapon as well.
  17. Looks more like this was from a Patton saber (I cant remember the correct nomenclature at the moment). There were a lot of garage shops crankin out knives from surplus saber blades for the war effort. "Save a Life With a Knife!" If memory serves you could make 3 knives from one sword. Hard to tell from the pic but it looks like maybe this one was from the tip. My $0.02 The pic didnt post with this. M1913 Patton Cavalry Sword is the proper name.
  18. Keep an eye on ePay. I have seen some M3s with no leather and blades that were sharpened to death and then sharpened again on there. Might be able to pick up a decent pommel.
  19. I can speak with authority on this subject. Having been a Garbage Man for the last 24 years I am a master of the fine arts of Dumpster Diving! Our Goodwill has a enclosed compactor. There is no way to get inside to the goodies. I have been at the landfill when they dumped the compactor. Lots of good stuff but the landfill attendants wont let you go shopping. I do remember the good ole days when you would fight with the attendants over the goods just like a bunch of seagulls! Ahhhh the good ole days. I'm a boss now so I am more worried about my guys safety than the goodies
  20. I think I have 2 rectangle Mess Trays Andrew. Probably VN or 70's issue. PM me.
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