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  1. Here's a vid of the Master himself shooting the G with a T37 flash hider. Notice the trendy pajamas! Shuff's Mini-G
  2. Man I LOVE Carbines! This post is like Gun Porn! Great looking weapons guys!
  3. It's not as light gray as most of the pictures show. Flash made it look lighter. The last few pics are closer to the shade of gray. You will NOT be disappointed! :thumbsup:
  4. RedLeg, This was built on a barreled receiver from CMP. There is pitting under the wood line and the top of the matching WWII barrel is pitted pretty bad. The muzzle swallowed an M2 ball round to the brass. Slight bulge in the barrel. Here are the before pictures.
  5. Was just a tad bored so I snapped a few of Colt SP1 carbine with the DPMS slipover fake ugly moderator thingy. (It'll have to do until I can get a real SBR with a nice repro moderator) Here are some of it's big brothers. They like having baby brother around. Need a M1A, P17, M1903A3, M1903, Krag, etc.
  6. OK Guys. Got him to commit. This is going on the for sale section. Thanks for looking.
  7. Check out the VC chest bandoleers. (I think that's what they are wearing) Now I guess I have to buy one and see if they will hold GI 20 rounders or just stripper clips.
  8. Yeppers on the ePay not allowing them anymore. :pinch: I have sold real WWII grenades on there before but I guess they just keep tightening the noose. :thumbdown: I dont have an account on Auction Arms but I do have one on GunBroker. If he does decide to sell I will probably put it up in the "For Sale" threads here. You guys share the sickness and it would go to a good home. You know. A home with quiet rooms and rubber wallpaper? At least we will be among friends! Update on Monday. PM me if there is some interest. Have a great weekend! :thumbsup:
  9. Thanks Fella's. I thought you guys would like it. Inert-ord.net has a good write up on it as well as Wikipedia and I saw one for sale on Simpsons LTD. I'd never heard of them until the guy called me Monday about it. Here is the best write up on it. I just found this one. http://www.smallarmsreview.com/pdf/oct03.pdf "The BEANO holds the dubious distinction of having killed and injured more of our own personnel than of the enemy." The guy isn't sure what to do with it. He may wind up having me sell it on eBay for him. I think he saw the same episode though. :w00t:
  10. Found collecting dust on the wall of my favorite gun shop. :w00t:
  11. I have a red one just like it collecting dust on the shelf! When it's time to cull the herd to fund other goodies guess that will be high on this ePay list!
  12. I've used WHINK rust remover and a q-tip on small spot before. I have a MK2 USMC Camillus that had some light pitting and someone tried to buff it out and the blade was chrome shiny. ($10 at a yard sale) I dipped the blade in WHINK for 5 minutes and it turned the blade gray. Almost looks parkerized. I found out this after affect from soaking some of the CMP Bad Carbine oilers. They all came out gray. Strong stuff so go easy. Pics Please!
  13. I'd have surely bought it for $75 ReinKing! Nice butter cutter!
  14. (Defense) Department Acceptance Stamp IIRC. :thumbsup:
  15. Need a KW era chinstrap to finish a friends lid. How does this one look and what's the deal with the sewn end? Thanks in advance guys.
  16. Nice looking lid. I'd leave it as is for sure. Looks like it's had that star for a long time and no kid I know of would have done such a neat job of stenciling.
  17. Two holes? :think: She's a beauty! Roll her over and lets see under her skirt!
  18. I've seen just the sweat band go for $25 (or more) so yea, they are worth it. :thumbsup:
  19. Thanks Guys! I let this one pass. I'm still looking for a KW era modified liner. He don't mind me babysitting his lid so I keep lookin. Thanks again.
  20. I need a KW para liner for a buddy's KW M1C pot. I need opinions whether this one is GI or repro. The liner is a 52 dated Firestone. I know the usual setup for post war lids is to rivet them to the liner and not under the existing webbing. Thanks in advance.
  21. 83 dated liner. Looks like a good 80's lid. :thumbsup:
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