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  1. That bayonet may be a rare bird. More so that your rifle. Please post some close ups. Early green handled bayonets are pretty scarce and occasionally faked. Nice pea shooter. There are pencil barrels out there with the 1/7 and 1/9 twist. All of my flavors of Colt clones have the 1/9 twist so I can shoot 193 and 855.
  2. Entering service in 1945 is certainly consistent with the shot date. I asked him if he was sure of when he served because of the tetanus date but he said pops said KW. I did tell my buddy that in my experience, of the many vets of the various wars I have had the privilege to know, the ones that were "in the sheet" never talked about that part of their service. For instance a survivor of the Bataan Death March was a customer of mine for several years and he told stories of boot camp and leave and such. I remember once his story ended abruptly after relaying a story about someone
  3. My buddy at work lost his father in 2012 at the age of 86. He showed me his dad's tag which he is carrying on his key chain. It's the USMC two hole type. VERY shiny like it may be stainless or maybe just polished from being in his pocket. He asked me about it because I "collect army crap" and I told him all I knew about it and that aint much. He said his dad served during the KW war but rarely spoke about his service. I asked about which unit he was with so I could research and possibly tell him more about his dad's service but he didn't know. I helped him do a records re
  4. Thank you Gentlemen. I haven't watched lids in a long time but I was feeling it was a bit high. Damn pretty pot though aint it? I love me a Plain Jane.
  5. It looks legit to me but I'm not sure $115 shipped is a fair market price now days for a lid with no liner. I'm thinking it's a bit high but it is a nice looking lid. Thoughts?
  6. I am flabbergasted and owe the man an apology! His handle sounds familiar from some board. T-Patcher! I'm sorry for doubting you! (And I had ALL of those pictured straps on my watching list!) I've got an old refinished fixed bail that looks real good but it is strapless. The dead nuts mint is too much money for a refinished helmet especially since I don't own a WWII sewing machine! Thank you to everyone for the education. Anyone have the green hardware KW era straps? This fixed bail would make a great early VN representative lid!
  7. I knew they looked good but I have seen some pretty nice repros out there. What website Rich? I Googled RPM Militaria and came up with just his Facebook page. I don't really need these (was searching for VN era which I found) but I thought if it's too good to be true it probably is. I defered originality to the experts. Thanks guys. Anyone else care to chime in on it?
  8. I have this closed listing on my watch list and I wanted to share it with you guys and get opinions before it drops off the map. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-U-S-WWII-Khaki-J-Hook-Chin-Strap-MINTY-NEW-OLD-STOCK-/111118876655?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=pQ4AC%252FdIhu79XwMtk50rjr%252BO7rA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc Listed as "Original U.S. WWII Khaki 'J' Hook Chin-Strap - MINTY NEW OLD STOCK!" I asked the following question and received the following answer. Am I crazy or is he? I've been rooting through military j
  9. Great stuff guys! The work on this thing is amazing. I can barely tie my boots! Any ideas on cleaning this up a bit? I used a soft brush to get the clumps of green gunk off the sheath and knots but the knots are pretty grungy.
  10. I had a feeling this was done by a bored sailor. It will remain as found! Glad you pounced on another blade Bro. I like this one!
  11. Forgot to ask. Anyone ever seen this decorative knot on a GI knife before? Looks like all cotton cord and it's been there for a while. Kinda wanting to see the the handle underneath.
  12. Thanks Guys. I was looking for a sheath for a later WWII Camillus MK2 for my boy. He got the repro sheath and I get this one all to myself. I've seen loose sheaths go for far more than $43 bucks so I'm a happy camper! It's a keeper.
  13. Rolled a 7! Here's the pic from ePay. I think most thought the braids were filling in the missing washers. I could see the top washers peeking out and I could see the thick pommel so I rolled the dice for a whopping $43.00 and got lucky. (I think) Blade had been sharpened but all in all I like it AND I got an original Boyt 43 sheath to boot! And here's the knife in hand.
  14. Is it wrong that I want that Conetta? :think: How much? Neat stuff for sure.
  15. IIRC shelf life on these is 5 or 6 years so don't eat 'em! I'd say sit on these and sell them to the DS and IF re-enactors 30 years from now!
  16. Retro Lowers. Best retro lower available.
  17. This found a new home awhile back with a forum member.
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