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  1. What's his name? If he was 324th I likely have some info on him.
  2. If any has an OSS pin for sale in the $300 range, I would happily pay that. I have so far had no luck in finding such a beast. Fingers crossed.
  3. This is correct, FN made. Some of those same weapons were still in inventory and carried by us in other high threat overseas environments as late as the mid-90's
  4. Recent acquistion from the son of a 316th vet. Made in Italy and brought back at the end of the war. Never sewn on a jacket
  5. I did not. I only had a short time. Another forum member was there and bought a bunch of stuff too. Ill let him share his findings separately.
  6. Thanks all. All of this was from one collector whose house was filled too to bottom w stuff. Prices were ok. He had been mostly a PT boat fan and must have had 100 models of PT boats in various sizes. I had gone in w a budget and these three things hit it. Had I had more money I could have bought full sets of the leather and shearling AAC flight suits and what looked like one of each variant of the navy flight jackets. Lots of stuff was weirdly priced though. An Idd PT boat grouping w badge ribbons and two patches had $575 on it.
  7. and a size 46 Willis and Geiger M444a with a 49th Troop Carrier Squadron patch on it (Thanks to Johnny Signor for the id).
  8. Two observer arm bands. A sweetheart hankie from the 8th and a leather 508th Fighter Squadron patch.
  9. Top left is a Higgins PT boat tie clip, top right ELCO pin. Patch is embroidered on wool
  10. This site may help you with more info - www.fairbairnsykesifghtingkinves.com/third-pattern.html Unfortunately its in pretty rough shape and no sheath all of which hurts the value on top of it being 3rd pattern. it does appear to be war time production possibly.
  11. On the khaki uniform I see (with help from others) Marine Corps Expeditionary, Haitian Campaign, WW1 Victory, 2nd Nicaragua, China Service, American Defense, USMC GC and last unknown (possibly the Nicaraguan Medal of Merit)
  12. Flew P-40s and P-47s in Africa, the MTO and ETO. 314th, 315th and 316th Squadrons, along with the99th Squadron for a couple of periods. This is fully embroidered on wool and the only example I have seen
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