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  1. This is no flash whole emblem. Not a very good picture but it was the best I was able to get out. If you need a better one I can try again.
  2. A closeup right in the center of the cross.
  3. Here are some more pics of the emblem if you still need better ones I can try again. I'm not a very goo photographer either. This one is with flash
  4. Thanks guys! I was pretty happy how she turned out! If it is a Korean War repaint would the emblem be from that era as well or could it have been painted over?
  5. A while back I was at an auction and picked up this fixed bail shell for $17.50 with intent to repaint and restore it (It was spray painted silver). When I got it home and got the silver paint off I was very surprised to discover not only the original finish still intact but also the remains of a medic cross on the front! I just thought that it was cool and didn't think much of it, as I'm not a helmet guy, but recently I began to realize that this is actually something really cool and possibly actually worth something. I'm inclined to believe that it's all real and original because of the stat
  6. Here's a pick of a similar looking sweater being worn by my Grandfather in the CCC.
  7. Details mouth and broken ear
  8. This is my father's "Short Timer Stick" that he brought back from Vietnam. (Anthony Doellman 126th Supply and Service Illinois National Guard, Chu Lai RVN 1968-1969) These are canes that were made at Con Tien Prison Camp and sold to the soldiers who where at the end of their deployment. My father paid $26 for this in the last month of his deployment in 1969. The point was to show of that they were about to go home. When one soldier with one passed another soldier with one they would wave them in the air and shout out to each other how many days they had left of their deployment.
  9. Obviously not exactly the same but Baby face Nelson used a kind of modified fully automatic 1911 in the shootout at the Little Bohemia in 1934
  10. Can't figure out how to post second pic
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