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  1. Great thread! Is it me or is that pistol magazine pouch actually French in origin?
  2. As a textile sourcer in the Far East a long time ago I came across a roll of this material (or similar) in one of the seconds textile shops. It wasn't the german stuff which was thicker and printed with better detail. I would say some of this stuff ended up being made into Libyan Army uniforms (or were perhaps the leftovers from that contract). I still have a sample swatch I cut from the roll somewhere ...
  3. I happened to find a toy shop which also sold some airsoft guns (back then they were just starting to take off) and replica military insignia - somehow I managed to communicate to the owner where I could find more of these and he told me about 'Soldier Services', a tiny shop in a shopping centre in the upper reaches of Nathan Road in Kowloon, the proverbial needle in the haystack! At the time (1985) they would have been the closest competitor to Louis. I got friendly with one of its owners, Pippi Ip, and learnt a lot from both them and the Japanese militaria magazines, 'Combat', 'Arms' and '
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