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  1. I use to post here a lot and some here may remember me. Anyway I work at a small Idaho gun shop kind of my dream job after retiring and a guy I work with brought in this small sword that his dad has had for awhile and we just want to know if it's legit or a fake? It looks old to me but I know how items can be made to look old, the blade is 23.5" long and appears to be iron or steel with a brass guard and wood handle. There are no markings on the blade except for two parallel lines on each side of the blade that are about 8.5" long and end with a small scroll. Let me know what you guys think i
  2. Hi guys I've been gone for a while and retirement life is agreeing with me working three days a week at a local Idaho gun shop and weather permitting my wife and I fly fishing the other days or what ever. The gun shop I work at is pretty old and some original clientele keeps returning after years of business in the shop. A guy that comes in every day just to shoot the bull told me about several knives he's had for years including he claims about 10 Gerber MKIIs in different configurations. I told him bring some of them in I'd like to see them and maybe take some photos to post on a forum I use
  3. It’s the norm now I have several customers that will use Buy-it-now on an item and they have to wait a week or two sometimes longer till they have some cash even though my settings say immediate payment required. The funny thing is two of the worst paying customers I have are military museums I've only had to sick Ebay on one and they finally paid after a month.
  4. Here are a couple tanks an M60 and a Sherman in a park in Blackfoot Idaho. I also took a picture of a couple Navy guns in front of our little American Legion.
  5. Since you guys like to look at the vintage war birds I decided to post a few more from a couple years ago. John Bagley let me get right out on the run way with my camera and they flew about 10' over my head one of the biggest thrills I've had. The one picture is of my good friend Hero Shiosaki who was a NISEI in the 442 RCT from 1942 to 1945 he's with his old Blackfoot Idaho classmate from grade school retired Brigadier General Roland Wright the original pilot of the Mormon Mustang. Both these guys are 93 and doing well I try to get Hero out of his assisted living home a couple times a week an
  6. It is a P-63 one of only three that still fly.
  7. Surprisingly there are quite a few nice old war birds owned here in Southeast Idaho. Yesterday John Bagley the owner of Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg Idaho put on his yearly free air show and it was pretty darn decent especially for the price! John owns a bunch of real nice planes including Bob Hoover's 'ole yeller' P-51 which flew yesterday. Here are four pictures of my favorites that flew, enjoy! 'ole yeller' Owner: John Bagley 'Section Eight' Owner: Jeff Driscoll 'Mormon Mustang' Owner: John Bagley 'P-63 King Cobra' Owner: John Bagley
  8. That's a nice early scabbard and you don't find them on the loose very often. I think finding your early bolo will be easier than if you were needing the scabbard. :thumbsup:
  9. Fantastic restoration 'Cobrahistorian' I know that takes a lot of dedication and work. My brother-in-law took me to a friend of his in Northern Idaho last summer and he had these two under tarps along with a bunch of other great vehicles. I had to throw in the picture of the quad-50 (with dummy guns) that belongs to a friend as I recall he purchased 60 of them from Belgium in the early 70s, I don’t think you could do it now. :think:
  10. I almost forgot RIA arsenal made 1885s are undated they are just stamped RIA.
  11. The spurs pictured are Rock Island Arsenal model 1903s for an enlisted trooper, the little stud sticking out between where the spur strap goes is what identifies these as 1903s with out the little stud they would be 1885s. I'm not positive on 1885s but the 1903 officers spurs are similar to the enlisted spurs but nickle plated and have more points on the rowels. :thumbsup:
  12. Wesley all I can say is amazing just an outstanding collection and you've done an excellent job of displaying everything! The collar disk are very cool first I've ever seen. It was good meeting you at Hayes place last year and really appreciated your help I was spent and it was a very hot day! :thumbsup: Chris
  13. I was informed yeasterday that this dig was in 1984 and the more I thought about it that's right. :think:
  14. The picture that was taken for me is of that wrist and hand skelital remains found with the ring.
  15. I wished there were more but he only took about four pictures of the skelital remains and this was the best; I thought it was something for him to offer to take the pictures and totally forgot about them until I found them yesterday.
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