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  1. I agree. The patch looks like it is placed on the sleeve as a square and not as a diamond. Collar disc looks like Signal Corps.
  2. They look like Marksman badges with three of the arms cut off then turned upside down. Done to give the end of the stack a finished look. Just my two cents worth
  3. Thanx for the input. I actually got it off ebay and payed a bit more for it than I really wanted to. All I remember from the write-up is that it belonged to an officer that had something to do with either discharges or reassignments. It came with a 'baby" blue RANGER tab.
  4. Picked this up a while back. A variation of the "authorized" version. Embroidered on twill with cheese cloth backing. It does not glow under UV. I get a warm fuzzy fealing from it. What do you think.
  5. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could guide me to a reference (if there is one) that explains the many color variations of the 1st Cavalry patches from the 1920's-30's. What do the different colors of stripes and horse heads mean?
  6. Great job. N-I-C-E collection. Wish I could be there to see it. It's been 34 years sine I was there last. Semper Fi!
  7. I have had this medal for 35 years. I got it from my father and I don't know where he got it since he was a WWII vet. Maybe he found it. Since it is leather, I'ld like to think it might have belonged to some crafty Marine. Semper Fi, Tom
  8. I agree with schnicklfritz. A while back I owned one similar to this one the only difference being it was for aviation with a "bulls-eye" for the globe. All chain- stitched on wool about 4" in diameter. A Stokes-Kirk patch made for collectors of the time.
  9. As you can see, this disc breaks down into "Five Easy Pieces".
  10. Here is my only four contribution. Thought you might like to see another variation of the type with wool felt field. I too have a disc with silver halftrack. It breaks down into five pieces. can post a pic if anyone would like to see it.
  11. Need help ID'ing this yellow on red wool Airborne tab. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Thanx Rich and Vintage Productions. Thoes are some really great looking jackets. I hope we can keep the momentum going. I wanted to add that when I was on Okinawa in the mid 70's, every little ville had several embroidery shops and they were all stuffed with every example you could imagine. Really neat graphics. Most of it was Viet Nam vintage for the guys that arrived there for some R and R. COOOOOOOOL stuff! If I would have used my head (at the time too foggy from alchohol) I would have bought more.
  13. I would like to see some really cool tour jackets from any era. I'll start by showing mine. I did the art work for it and had it made at a sew-sew shop in Kinville (Camp Hansen) when I was on Okinawa.
  14. Had this kicking around for some time. Thought I would share it. Looks like there was one for each of the services.
  15. It just so happens that my sisters and I have been going thrrough the last of our father's belongings. HE SAVED EVERYTHING!!! We found a foot locker and several boxes full of letters sent to and received from our mother, brother and family members. Also some from army buddies. We found one letter that an individual was writting, while he was listening to the radio, just as the anouncement was being made that Peal Harbor had just been bombed. As you read these letters, it takes you right to that place and time. You can almost imagine yourself being there. This stuff is priceless. Ive made these
  16. Sturmman, On the back of the photo of my father-in-law, it states that it is a bridge across the Saar river. According to a map of his trip across Europe, it looks like it might have been in the area of Hasseloch, Germany? Not sure. Here is a picture of the 286 Engineer Combat Battalion working on thet bridge.
  17. My unlcle lost his uniforms a long time ago. I do not know if he got one of thoes ribbons. I am looking for a single or pair if DUIs for the 613th FA. After his time in China, he was stationed in Japan with MacArthur's Headquaters. I have his GHQ DUIs. That's all of his insignia he had left. Do you have any insignia, ribbons etc. from the 124th? I would like to see what they look like.
  18. The top row middle one (white/green) looks like one of the type awarded at military schools. I have a white/red one I got a long time ago from a friend who went to military school. Some of your other ribbons might be of that type also.
  19. This medal was given to my uncle (US troops) by the Chinese government under Chang Kai-shek. He said it was for their service in defense of China. At the time, my uncle was with the 613th FA, 124th CAV, Mars Task Force. They used pack mules to haul artillery up into the mountains. I took the medal down to a local Chinese restaurant to get it translated. I was told that the shape of the medal is that of an anciet Chinese weapon. The characters on obverse/reverse (both different) means "victorious" (loose transtlation). It looks like a keychain more than it does a military medal and for that rea
  20. Thanx Dirk, It is a 7"X 11" studio photo. No information on the back. I have no idea who this guy is.
  21. Here's a great shot of my Father-in-law. The sign says it all. I wish he would have kept his helmet.
  22. Here's one I found at a local antique mall. Can anyone tell me what the numbers (123) on his pocket flap are for?
  23. From what magazine did the ad in post #3 come from?
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