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  1. The Charle Waterhouse poster is one in a series. There is one for Vietnam, The Mexican War, (your) WWI, and a full color one with a Continental Marine and 60's-70's Marine flanking a large EGA emblem. I was lucky to get mine (free) from the recruiter. I have been unable to find copies anywhere.
  2. Found one in my dad's stuff. All light kaki material. He saved EVERYTHING.
  3. Thanx for the link. Would this patch be worn on flight suit by pilot and crew?
  4. Couldn't find much info on this. Is it a good find?
  5. Found this: Musician--the author had not found an explanation for the Navy Musician's mark in Marine colors. New information, however, was uncovered by Lt. Col. Philip Wagner (U.S.M.C.R., ret.) while doing research at the offices of the Marine Band, Headquarters, Washington, D. C. The uniform in Ill. 11 is reported to have belonged to a member of the Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band formed by the Marine Corps during World War II.56 Above the left cuff, in the same location as most other marks on period uniforms, is a red on forestry green lyre. The mark appears slightly larger than the sampl
  6. I thought this might be a Marine because of the color backing but they do not have a striker for Musician. What is it?
  7. Was not what I thought it was at first, won this on ebay and it turned out to be even better after I did a little research. A little bit od Marine history I never knew. You learn something new every day.
  8. I believe the 13th was stationed in Hawaii. Someone posted some Hawaii "sweetheart" patches (WWII?) that are embroidered on white felt and so I put two and two togethet. Maybe my math is wrong. I'm sure there is someone out there that can confirm either way.
  9. Since the 13th was stationed in Hawaii, I have a strong suspicion that that is where they were made. Maybe someone can shed more light on this.
  10. WWII? USMC 13th Defense Battalion on white felt.
  11. First one is Air Refueling Squadron, 900's can't remember exactly. I used to have the patch.
  12. A proud life member of the Marine Core League. No Reserve in this area so we handle Toy for Tots. Other services provided for Young Marines, Wounded Warriors, and Boy Scout Eagle Scouts.
  13. I believe the French Fleet saved the day for Yorktown.
  14. I also have one of these. Seems to be rather large for a cap. It was my understanding that they were worn above their unit/divisional SSI.
  15. I can not find another one like this anywhere. What is it for? From the back it looks to be WWII or post war vintage.
  16. If it is British, why is there a rooster on top? Rooster is symbol for France, isn't it?
  17. Try laying it face down on a clean, flat, hard surface and set a stack of heavy books on it, a sort of "cold press".
  18. I believe the original were spray painted. This one looks stenceled or hand painted
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