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    I am interested largely in named WWII and prior Marine Corps related Blues but am also interested in USMCR related items.


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  1. I have gotten ahold of several UNIS marked knapsacks (lower packs) for 1st Mar Div. Going through some of the older UNIS related threads it seems that the 1st Mar Div UNIS codes are still indecipherable, is that still the case? Will try and post more photos of other marked packs I picked up. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the input. I have lots of pictures of the first style baseplate, the one that was just pressed metal. Wanting to find other late war variations/ more information when they transitioned.
  3. I am hitting a dead end with google searches for information. I am needing detailed pictures of 3in Stokes Mortar's with the AEF or British forces, or any modern photos. Of particular interest are any variation of the base-plates. I am attempting to build a base-plate and bi-pod system. Thanks. Josh
  4. The state of Tennessee is gearing up for public programming around the centennial of American involvement in WWI. I am a part of a living history group which is spearheading this effort. If any of you guys are located around the middle/ east Tennessee area and have any WWI vehicles, artillery pieces, carts, machineguns, etc. and are interested in being a part of these programs/ would like more information please let me know. S/F Josh
  5. I think reservists in that period either didnt have to initially or the Marine Corps didnt deem it necessary period. In the Muster Rolls I have seen guys going from reserves to active having to go through basic when they transitioned. For what its worth I had a set of blues belonging to one such Marine and he had the blues in the reserves, prior to going through boot on his way to FMF.
  6. I am also intrigued to what clearly identifies it as WWII, beyond just the chevrons...
  7. To continue the questions, what would be some of the basic field gear items an NCO Marine machinegunner would carry beyond the basic infantrymans issue? Specifically I have thus far acquired: m1912 pistol belt, m1912 1911 holster, m1912 .45 ammunition pouch, canteen and canteen pouch, and first aid pouch. I am hunting down a pair of binos and compass but what else am I missing?
  8. Great pictures. I feel like I can find something to atleast replicate the rag bag. Is there a digitized version of the Hotchkiss manual floating around the internet?
  9. Brian and everyone else, Your information has been great. I have started purchasing the appropriate field gear now thanks to your advice. Now I am beggining the hunt for French chauchat related MG gear. May have better luck just trying to make my own over finding original items to use.
  10. Gentlemen Thanks for all of the information. You guys are a wealth of knowledge. The picture above on the far right, would he be wearing the army 1910 pistol belt or am I off on that. That image of that Marine is very close to what I am trying to replicate. Josh
  11. Brian- Awesome information. Thank you so much. So replacements even around Belleau Wood are showing up with USMC 1917 uniforms? Were they immediately ditching them or wearing till worn out? Thanks again guys. Josh
  12. Thanks for the quick response. So the 1917 USMC field uniform would pretty much be a no go even for Fall of 1917?
  13. I am currently putting together an early 1st/6th Machine Gun Battalion living history impression for work. I am a park ranger and am getting to help put together a small living history group for public programming as we approach the centennial of US entry into the war. I have never been very well versed with WWI USMC field uniforms and equipment. My goal is to represent a sergeant in either the 12th or 20th companies, circa fall and winter of 1917. As I begin the search to acquire the correct items I have become pretty overwhelmed. As a collector/ historian I am very anal about detail and want to ensure my impression is correct. The questions/ request I have is: 1) Is the 1917 USMC field uniform appropriate or had the transition already begun to the modified Army uniforms? Also, what type of undershirt were they being issued? 2) What boots would have been worn, i.e. French, Brit, or US? 3) Which model holster would they have been using for a 1911, the modified revolver holsters or the true 1911 model holster? 4) Does anyone know where I can find USMC/ Army machine gun pubs from the period? 5) Any other information on appropriate field gear is also greatly appreciated. 6) Lastly, if anyone can dig up pictures of MG battalion Marines in the late 1917 and early 1918 period would be greatly appreciated. I truly appreciate the help and am sure some you guys can answer these questions with ease.
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