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  1. I have never heard about this. Thanks for sharing this and would l would love to learn more.
  2. I haven’t seen any. All I picked up was this tag. Post some pictures I would love to see the medals.
  3. Full Name: [Blank] Admission Date: Aug 1944 Military Service Number: 35682587 Length of Service: No entry made Medical Diagnosis: CausativeAgent: Falling Earth, Stone, or Other Material Discharge Type: Duty Discharge Date: 1944 Conflict Period: World War II Served for: United States of America
  4. Full Name: John H Sawyers Army Serial Number: 35682587 Enlistment Place: Media Pennsylvania Enlistment Date: 10 Nov 1945 Army Branch: No branch assignment Branch: Army Race or Ethnicity: White Residence: Harlan County, Kentucky Enlistment Term: Enlistment for the Panama Canal Department Source of Army Personnel: Enlisted Man, Philippine Scout or recall to AD of an enlisted man who had been transferred to the ERC Army Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Of
  5. A friend was out scouting old tool boxes and found this tag at the bottom of a bunch of junk that was in a tool box. I did a little research and found a enlistment for November 1945 which I would assume he re-enlisted.. but I’m assuming he was a engineer of some sort going by what was on the enlistment. Maybe someone could help with this.
  6. Perfect example of a repo with a solid history of the person who had it made!!!!!!! Cheers
  7. If you are that concerned I would pass. The last tag I got I thought there’s a chance that it could be a fake but when I got it in hand I felt more comfortable. And Veterans sometimes had tags remade at reunions or ordered them. My dad did that through the American Legion Magazine years ago.
  8. Here’s a post that I found that others worked on that might help.
  9. Nice find!!!! I have only seen these online never in person .
  10. Some clearer pictures would be better.. but it looks fine to me. Others might chime in that have been collecting far longer than me.
  11. William J Keller Jr. 3rd Defense Battalion Pearl Harbor.
  12. It would be great if I could order his records but I think the archives are still closed???!
  13. He got wounded twice in a short period of time. Full Name: Bratkowitz, Theodore R Race: White, includes Mexican Admission Age: 33 Admission Date: Jun 1944 Admission Type of Injury: Casualty, battle Military Service Number: 15098252 Rank: Enlisted Man Branch: Infantry, General or Unspecified Length of Service: 3 Year(s), 0 Month(s) Injured in Line of Duty: In line of duty Medical Diagnosis: FirstLocation: Face: Cheek; CausativeAgent: Artillery Shell, Fragments, Afoot or unspecif
  14. I was scrolling around on eBay and was interested because it was a Ohio tag. And after some research I found he was in the 60th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division. His name is in several books and a website dedicated to the 9th Infantry Division through WW2. In the landings on November 8th 1942 where there was a strong point of a lighthouse that had stopped the advancement of the battalion. Company E. 2nd Lieutenant Charles D. Dushane, Corporal Frank L. Czar, Pfc Theodore R. Bratkowitz and an unidentified private Stormed the tower and after a exchange of gunfire the tower was taken and tw
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