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  1. And here is the one on my Paris made tunic, to Lieutenant William V. Lovell
  2. I hope this is a better shot of the wing on the Lieutenant Bond tunic
  3. Amazing how this thread took off! I will get some better quality images of the bullion wing for you guys a little later. The weather has been crummy, so I'll wait for the sun to come back out. I was noticing, after I had just gotten the jacket, how similar the bullion wing was to the one on my jacket made in Paris. Certainly based on the French pattern, no doubt. This forum is the best! You truly can learn a lot just from one little post. Thank you all for your contributions!
  4. Here is a shot of Lt. Bond wearing the exact same jacket.
  5. The uniform is indeed named and comes with photocopies of some of his official documents. His name was Lieutenant George Clair Bond and he was apparently a flight instructor down in Texas. The grouping had been acquired from his granddaughter back around 2003.
  6. Here is the rest of the grouping
  7. I acquired a grouping to a WWI pilot yesterday, and it came with this Eisenstadt wing. I am no expert on these, so I figured I would post it here for input and comments.
  8. Many thanks to all of you for the comments! So if this uniform is completely pre-1941, maybe he retired just in time to avoid conflict? Or maybe he was involved in the invasion of the Philippines?
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