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  1. Thanks Patches! I’ve been itching to post this one. I hadn’t noticed the use of an M41 in the photo; good eye! Parks
  2. Here are some photos of the 7th Cavalry Regiment's push up to Line Topeka and during Operation Commando.
  3. Sasenbery's senior picture and a photo from his local newspaper.
  4. Two battle maps depicting the Defense of Seoul and the push from Line Golden & Operation Commando.
  5. Hi Everyone! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite uniforms. PVT Dale Sasenbery served in C CO, 7th Cavalry during Korea and was wounded October 4th on Hill 287 during Operation Commando. His Ike jacket displays JM ribbons & DUIs, a restored NS Meyer CIB, and custom tailoring with an added zipper. The cold dirt flies upwards as the thundering sound of boots trot against it. A torrent of grenades, mortars, and small arms fire fall everywhere within the fluid company line as men charge forward, the sound of Gary Owen echoing on the slope. The young rifleman fires a round out
  6. Thank you! It looks really nice with the maple. I didn't realize I bumbled the last sentence. I have "antiqued" screws that look better with the walnut sides. I think it could. It would need a smaller router bit though (I used a 3/8" bit). WOW! That's a beautiful board. You did a fantastic job on it; is the red & white a separate piece or did you attach those shelves directly to it?
  7. Hey all! I just finished making my challenge coin holder. I made it with maple ends and a solid walnut body. This was definitely one of the most interesting projects my grandfather and I did this year. Two of my favorite coins shown are the Hampton Roads Council of Veteran Affairs and the EOD coin. These were given to me by good friends and sadly one has since passed. If there’s any interest, I can make more of these. Currently I can make the sides out of maple or walnut and use these brass screws or “
  8. Bert Everett is a close friend of mine. he was a supply sergeant with the 120th AAA Battalion at Fort Richardson, Alaska during Korea.
  9. An absolutely incredible grouping Alex. Great writeup and amazing uniforms! Good luck with the search of his SSM citation; I know you'll be happy with what you find on it. Parks
  10. Great uniform and write up! That group picture is spot on.
  11. Great uniform; I really like the Silver Lifesaving Medal! It is definitely a rare one to see. Nimitz was awarded a Gold Lifesaving Medal for a similar event. A sailor had fell off the conning tower of a submarine while pulling out of port so he dove in and retrieved him. Here are two versions of the SLM. The first is the Pre-1949 version. The ribbon is 2" wide. In 1949 they changed the design to the one on your uniform. These are both on display at the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum.
  12. I recall my grandfather (USCG during Vietnam) saying they did not have the navy blue ones during that time, retaining the whites. I'll email him tomorrow to confirm.
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