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  1. Bump in honor of the date he sustained his wounds in 1951, five days after the date. Also, this is a map from the 1st Cavalry Division unit history that depicts the patrol bases where Deschaux was stationed.
  2. German made embroidered on felt with a silver tinsel border. This example is much smaller than the standard WW2 US made examples
  3. 1st Cavalry Division marked M4 Shermans & another armored vehilce (TD?) during the 46' parade in Tokyo. These two photographs came out of a recently acquired 1st Cavalry Division photo album. Parks
  4. Definitely. In Vietnam he was with MAAG to the 9th ARVN Division. Here are 3 photos from him: one of him before attending OCS, one of him in 1963 (a better version of the NYS one), and one of him in VN.
  5. Great thread! Here's one of a 91st Infantry Officer wearing his in Italy. Parks
  6. I got Brustman's grouping awhile back. Heres the link to the write up and grouping. Great thread by the way patches! I'm really enjoying it! Parks
  7. Closeups of his uniform. The Japanese made ribbons, domed discs, and DUIs are original to the uniform. They have been there so long, there’s dust behind the ribbons.
  8. Hey all, today I’d like to share my recent pickup! CPL Lloyd E. Deshaux was born on August 11th, 1929 in Richmond County, New York. From a young age, everything technical fascinated him. Engines, machinery, tools, and more were like candy to the young man growing up. Before he was even 12, he joined a racing circuit, being a race car driver in the 30’s and 40’s. When the small backwater nation of South Korea was invaded, it was the 1st Cavalry Division who landed as the 3rd US unit in country. They would land at Pohang-Dong, making the first amphibious landing since WW2
  9. Wonderful uniform Alex! Once again, you knock it out of the park! Love the DUIs on it.
  10. I might be cheating with this one but it’s an interesting variation. Japanese made 12th Cav DUI.
  11. Larry Hazelwood served as a door gunner in Vietnam with the 40th Signal Battalion. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart (his Huey crashed).
  12. Richard Engel served in the Marines, serving in Lebanon. He actually was present when the US Embassy was bombed. He was at the embassy for inspection the night before.
  13. Duane Trowbridge was one of my favorite vets to interview. He was in the Marines during Korea and participated in Inchon, Seoul, and Chosin. Duane was also a double awardee of the Purple Heart (shrapnel in the knee at Seoul and in 1951 was shot in the head by a sniper). Rest in Peace Duane.
  14. Robert Cobb was an F4 Phantom pilot in the US Navy during Vietnam. He was a very interesting guy to interview and is both intelligent and sharp!
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