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    As an active member of almost a dozen Veterans organizations, I am always looking for membership badges, by-laws, rituals or any other historical knowledge I can gather. My concentration is on the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Army and Navy Union.

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  1. Kevin, Are you talking about the rank bar? If so, combine this from Frederick with the chart that I added in the "VFW National Headquarters Badge" and you will have that answer. The badge you are showing is a Past Post Advocate, Adjutant, Quartermaster or Surgeon.
  2. There is not, the reference books containing that list was lost in 1949 when the SUVCW moved their headquarters (p. 125, Grand Army Men)
  3. "assuming" well that's what I get, as soon as I hit submit I scrolled up and saw your earlier post about the palms from the 1920's... SMDH
  4. Good morning Kevin, That is a beautiful medal, I have attached below the information on the devices worn on the membership medal from the 2019 MOWW Policy Manual. Assuming nothing has changed over time it looks like that would be a Regional Commander or General Staff Member. It is a shame that the order has stopped wearing/making/issuing the full size chest version of this medal. The current manual only refers to the miniature for Veteran or Hereditary Companions. Table 7.1 | MOWW INSIGNIA OF OFFICE & THE MOWW MEMBERSHIP MEDAL MOWW Commander-in-Chief (CINC) • The i
  5. A card that I picked up, I am assuming it would have been used for sales in some way.
  6. So there is a story behind that... the organization actually merged with the American Veterans of Foreign Service in 1913 thus becoming the VFW. At a previous NSAP Convention it was ruled that the NSAP could not merge with out the approval of 100% of the membership. It happened anyways and that is why certain Camps (Boston and Chicago) disavowed the proceedings and continued to operate as the NSAP. The congressional report from 1930 that I reference in December is the NSAP applying for a congressional charter, when applying for that, an organization has to submit a copy of their bylaws. In the
  7. I missed out on this item on Ebay, however I did get permission from the seller to use his photos. This is a recruiting pamphlet from 1947 for the National Society Army of the Philippines. There is a picture of the membership badge itself on the document. That coupled with the fact that the current VFW badge was modeled after the Army of the Philippines badge that was in use in 1913 at the merger, should help sort out what is what. I may have to upload the files separately.
  8. Attached is a link to the 1929 By-Laws from my reply on December 10th. National sent it to me as a pdf and I have had issues trying to resize it and keep it legible. Hope the link works for everyone... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K8TwDHIVJj6m2PF71OBxwExpyulEXrNz
  9. Attached are scans of the 1921 By-Laws, Article XXIII. Section 2 should help date the badges that have the different corps insignia along with the Navy and Marine Corps versions. Some more information to help date some of the badges: The badges that have K.C. KANS on the reverse... National Headquarters was moved from New York City sometime after June 26th, 1923 to Kansas City, KS until it moved again on January 1st, 1930 to Kansas City, MO.
  10. Found some more information on the Officer's Insignia for the VFW, this comes from the 1921 By-Laws and helps confuse the subject even more at the Department Level. National and Post seem to be unchanged compared to the 1929 By-Laws, minus the addition of officers. Since Departments were first made official at the 1920 Encampment in Washington, D.C. it seems only fitting that there would be some growing pains through the 1920's
  11. Looking for discussion to help clarify what I feel may be a common misconception with the membership badges of this society. I recently (in the past year) started collecting VFW membership badges. As an active member of the VFW and someone who respects history, I had read up on the founding of the VFW and that in 1913 the Society-Army of the Philippines (SAP) joined with the American Veterans of Foreign Service (AVFS) as The Army of the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. On August 1st, 1914, General order #10 changed the groups name to The Veterans of Foreign Wars. This is an undeniable
  12. As promised, here is one of my favorite pieces from my collection. All original packaging **note the 1932 3c stamp** I used this to determine the approximate age of this badge. VFW Post 2724 is still active in Whiting, IN. Belay my last on the seals matching however... I did not have it in hand until just now. I do have 4 that have Identical obverses to yours and yet 2 of them say "VFW NAT'L HQDTRS" and 2 say "VFW KC KANS" on the reverse... KC KANS are assumed to be the older version, pre-1930's since that is the time frame that National HQ moved to Kansas City, MO. (examples attache
  13. The Suspension bar and ribbon drape match the attached picture of the Spanish American War Veterans membership badge. (sourced from a google search) In 1904, the Spanish War Veterans, the Spanish American War Veterans and the Servicemen of the Spanish War joined to form the United Spanish War Veterans. The Cross of Malta looks to be from post-ww1. The "national headquarters" on the reverse, the addition of "of U.S." in the seal and the larger shield on the eagle all match one I have dated to 1934 (plus or minus a year) but the deep V between the points of the cross does not match the
  14. I realize this is an older thread, but I have found it very helpful and I wanted to give back. Attached is a spreadsheet I threw together from some scans that VFW National HQ sent me the yesterday. This is from the 1929 By-Laws Bobby "Chief" Welch State Jr. Vice Commander Department of Illinois Veterans of Foreign Wars
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