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  1. Try www.mooremilitaria.com he has 2 listed under helmets & body armor.
  2. Just curious if any members actually jumped. I did in Arizona in the 1980s T-10 Static Line out of a C-47. If you have not done it try it.
  3. Bob from Vintage is 100% correct on the fake 3rd Reich items. Someone said there are probably more fakes now than during the war. My Father was a Sgt. In the US Armies 160th Combat Engineer Battalion in WW2.and gave me a stickpin he took off a German Artillery officer .This was 1969 and sparked my interest in collecting both US & German items. Back then reproductions were so poorly made they were laughable. Not so the case today which is why I stopped collecting the German items. These what I call high tech repros are very well made. I know one dealer who has been selling German & US i
  4. Great bringback flag & photos. Most people do not know that the Coast Guard was in Vietnam.
  5. Any idea if this is a genuine VN boonie. done in the bucket style. I have seen these in use in photos but not in a tiger stripe.
  6. www.civilwardealers.com They have a edged weapons section.
  7. My camera is out but here is my small collection of signed books: Running Recon by Frank Greco. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. The Operator by Robert O'Neil (Shot Bin Laden). Perfectly Wounded by SEAL Senior Chief Mike Day who was a Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times by Al Qaeda in Iraqis Anwar Province 2007 and survived. Gunnys Rules by R Lee Ermey. Hope to get a genuine signed copy of Chris Kyles book someday.
  8. Might help to try Mark Bandos site Trigger Time, Mostly WW2 but may have the identity that you seek.
  9. I am interested in this Iraqi beret but know nothing about who it was used by or issued to. All I know is that it was brought back in 2003. Maybe some of our Iraqi war vet forum members can ID this one.
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