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  1. www.civilwardealers.com They have a edged weapons section.
  2. My camera is out but here is my small collection of signed books: Running Recon by Frank Greco. Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell. The Operator by Robert O'Neil (Shot Bin Laden). Perfectly Wounded by SEAL Senior Chief Mike Day who was a Navy SEAL who was shot 27 times by Al Qaeda in Iraqis Anwar Province 2007 and survived. Gunnys Rules by R Lee Ermey. Hope to get a genuine signed copy of Chris Kyles book someday.
  3. Might help to try Mark Bandos site Trigger Time, Mostly WW2 but may have the identity that you seek.
  4. I am interested in this Iraqi beret but know nothing about who it was used by or issued to. All I know is that it was brought back in 2003. Maybe some of our Iraqi war vet forum members can ID this one.
  5. Very nice and pretty rare. Great score.
  6. Just getting interested in Desert Storm items. Very nice display.
  7. If you want original US Airborne items, James is the man!
  8. Great pics, especially the weapons pic.
  9. Great helmet in great condition, true you do not find many with the nets. I am thinking of looking for one for the collection.
  10. Jack is one of the best in the hobby, He answers very quickly and is 100% honest.
  11. Acquired this one years ago. I believe it was a trade with a fellow forum member.
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