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  1. Back to the original subject of to polish or not to polish the Sterling Silver and Coin Silver wings, I think collectors who are against polishing will soon learn that conflating tarnish (a destructive oxidation process of a metal surface) with real patina (the process of polishing a silver object to a mellow shiny finish with some tarnish remaining as definition enhancement in the low grooves) will be counter productive to value. Any dealer of Antique silver will quickly tell you that tarnish on a silver object is “not patina.” When removing tarnish on solid silver you do not remove the under
  2. Thanks for the clarification on the possibility of the wing being a repro. A couple of hundred bucks is chump change as far as my collecting goes. I don’t sweat it. Nice to have an example of one even if it is a fake. Perhaps this maker of fakes should be taken to the woodshed and spanked for filling the world with fakes without marking them as copies. The website... http://www.blitzkriegbaby.de/wasp/wasphistoryfinal.pdf Offers some interesting information about W.A.S.P wings but also continues the myth about “Juarez” wings being made in Mexico. Here is a collection of reunion W.A.S.P wings
  3. This is the only W.A.S.P class wing (according to my research) known to be produced by Lampl, also known as a “Juarez” wing for the W7 graduation class towards the end of the W.A.S.P training program. My research also confirmed that It is slightly smaller than the wings produced for male pilots during that period in the war.
  4. Photo of my collection... 25 additional wings added since this was taken.
  5. Here’s the requested picture of my collection.... since this photo was taken I have added some 25 additional wings.
  6. Hello Again..... since the last posting I have added additional “Juarez” wings to my specialized collection including a Liaison Pilot wing and a WASP Wing from the 318th Training W 7 Class. In the Sterling Silver category I have been trying to collect both the correct “g” and the inverted “g” examples.
  7. Here are some closeups of the unusual “Juarez Service Wing”.....
  8. Hello again... several days ago I managed to snag a pair of Juarez Glider Pilot wings in Sterling Silver which were missing from my collection. Thanks to a knowledgeable member I now have more knowledge about the Lampl Juarez wings. This exchange is what makes collecting so enjoyable. Honestly, I never noticed that many of the Juarez design wings had an upside down “g” in the hallmark “Sterling” and that some of them have a right side up letter. You learn something new every day. Here’s wishing each and every member a joyous and Happy New Year!
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