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  1. For the rectangular DUI on the left I have it identified in my collection as the Command and General Staff College and Ft. Leavenwoth. EH
  2. It seems the pictures get posted in an order I cannot control and I figured out how to number. Here is another set and I hope I can connect the dots with your ID. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  3. Here are some more DUIs that I haven't been able to idenitfy. Thanks for all the help from the forum. Ed
  4. Here are more unknowns from my collection. I have figured out how to post more pictures and stay under size limits. I look forward to your help!
  5. Here are several more from my collection that I need help with identification EH
  6. One of the unknowns in my collection. I hope there is a member who recognizes this DUI. I have a bunch more to identify after this one! EH
  7. I get the message that I cannot use the image extension with this community. I see pictures in posts. I would appreciate guidance on how to post pictures (I haven't been able to find this in Forum documentation. Sorry about the quality of the photography but I am working on it! These are the first posts of the unidentified DUI in my collection. I could not find the motto in the documentation I have. I look forward to help! EH
  8. Thanks all for the information. I would appreciate comment on another issue. My crest backs vary widely in condition. Some have two, nice, pins, some only have one, and many have pins bent (I remember as a kid mounting on plywood and bending many). My question is, How much should I modify pins. I have experienced breakage when straightening. On DUIs with no pins I have mounted a velcro piece so I can put crests on a board. Any hints will be appreciated! Ed
  9. Having uncovered a part of my youth, I now have over 200 crests that need some TLC. I would appreciate suggestions on how to clean and shine (anything better than Braso?). Are there other maintenance related issues I should be aware of? Thanks in advance! EH
  10. Thanks to both of you. I actually came to this Forum via ASMIC. The secretary recommended that I look at this forum because he felt folks were more interested/active here. From your response I can see that I am at the right place. Thanks for the suggestions. I recognize that my collection is dated and I have been aware that a lot has changed. I also identified many of my crests by motto but have been stumped on some. I will be working up pictures. I have been impressed with the quality of the photography in Forum posts so I am working to get a photographic set up that will allow easy addition to the post. I am considering posting multiple crests in a single picture. Advice appreciated with these details.
  11. Greetings to the Forum, I am now a retired guy filling in holes left in my previous life! I have found my way here to help me deal with a crest collection dating from the late '50s. Dad was stationed at 5th Army headquarters in Chicago and we lived on Ft. Sheridan. Don't know how it started, but I began to collect crests. The post was a mustering out location with lots of targets of opportunity. Thinking back on it now I was pretty cheeky asking soldiers if they would give me a crest for my collection. Granted, many wanted to see no more of the Army but I generally encountered friendly, generous guys who graciously contributed to my collection. I ended up with over 200 crests. Unfortunately, I didn't curate this collection very well, it resided with other stuff from my youth recovered as parents passed. I recently recovered the Cortina cigar box from an old footlocker and began to consider what I had. Some crests are in good condition, unfortunately too many have suffered from inattention. All of the crests were collected prior to 1960 so it is a pre-Vietnam era collection. I acquired a copy of Stein and have spent a bit of time on the web. I have been able to identify associated units for 80+% of the collection but have hit the wall trying to turn up new sources of information. I was directed here, and after some confusion about administrative approval and how the forum works, I am now looking forward to a possible source of help. I am working out how to photograph unknowns for posting. I am attacking the Forum learning curve and hopefully I can get your help with unit associations. Member feedback will be much appreciated. Ed
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