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  1. Around a month ago I purchased an M1 helmet with an early heat stamp. It got me wondering, what’s the earliest manufactured M1 helmet the internet has documented? I’m not sure if heat stamps are the sole thing to rely on for determining helmet age, but it’s always a good start. Here’s my helmet, it has the M1917A1 styled buckle, front seam, fixed bales, and a heat stamp of 27B_1.
  2. From what the pictures show, it looks pretty good. Check for an ink stamp if you can. Also the buckle could have an anchor stamp too, that’s one of the easier ways to denote a post WWII liner strap.
  3. Was going to mention, that’s a pretty high numbered heat stamp for a front seam shell. How interesting is that? I could be wrong though.
  4. I'm no expert for these helmets but from what I've noticed, each manufacture of the ACH had a different way of screwing in the buckles for the retention system. If you needed to replace the original retention system, either by replacing only the chinstrap or both chinstrap and buckles, separate retention system kits were available to whoever needed them. You can readily find those replacement chinstraps and buckles with screws on ebay. The replacement buckles and chinstrap were made to be universally compatible with any ACH helmet despite the different manufactures. As for your question, I gue
  5. Heres another post with a similar helmet on this forum. Pretty much identical to my stainless steel helmet but in better condition: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/321589-m1c-late-ww2-helmet/
  6. I have two M1Cs. Without a doubt I'm sure they're post war used, but they feature what I think are unreinforced chinstraps and rear seams. With one being stainless steel and the other magnesium steel. I've actually never seen the reinforced chinstraps, just the single stitch ones. I've always assumed single stitched chinstraps were more common? Both chinstraps side by side. The rear seams: The backsides:
  7. Ive met the seller in person and have seen his collection. Ive purchased his helmets and I can tell you the chinstraps are original.
  8. The steel shell is a mint Vietnam-era Dana Point shell the helmet band is an elastic band. Im not really sure where it came from but I dont think its standard issue.
  9. I got the helmet today, here it is with an unmarked OD Cover I got from ebay a few years ago:
  10. Yep! Caught me by surprise too. Fortunately thought theres more out there and have been documented.
  11. Im getting the helmet on Tuesday but by the looks of the pictures I have, the chinstraps are Vietnam era with black painted hardware. The helmet I think is Vietnam as well, specifically a Dana Point/Parrish helmet. Ill add more pictures on Tuesday. Edit: Cover might be original, it doesnt look like its been moved.
  12. I was browsing through Ebay and I saw this helmet up for sale. I immediately purchased it and while I probably overpayed for it I have no regrets. The helmet came with an OD Helmet cover with a manufacterer's mark, the first I've ever seen one in my short time as a collector. Here's a photo: When I get the helmet in the mail I'll add more pictures
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