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    US WWI Items to include:
    - 118th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division
    - 167th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division
    - 31st Dixie Division
    - 81st Wildcat Division
    - 82nd Division
    - Camp Sevier and Camp Wheeler items.

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  1. Wow, never knew there were so many patch variations for this division. Thanks for posting!
  2. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed looking through all of the great WWI 91st Div. groups-
  3. Great picture, thanks for sharing! I enjoy collecting WWI 2nd Division items, but they have become quite expensive over time.
  4. Fantastic WWI Grouping! Thanks for sharing-
  5. Great discussion topic and very informative! Enjoyed reading and viewing all of the various patches.
  6. Enjoyed reading this topic. I have picked-up a few of these type post cards over the years-
  7. Curious to see if there are other WWI Collectors who may have some 118th Infantry Regiment items they would like to discuss and share. To get things started, here is a picture of a wool coat from my collection belonging to a member of the 118th. Thanks, Trenchfighter-
  8. Thanks very much, most appreciated! BTW, have visited Shiloh on several occasions, but sorry to have missed your WWI display. R, Trenchfighter
  9. Hello forum members. I have enjoyed reading through the USMF discussion topics and finally decided to join. I am retired military and have been a student of military history for many years. My area interest is US WWI with an emphasis upon the 30th,31st, 42nd, 81st and 82nd Divisions. Thanks for allowing me to join and look forward to the future discussions. Trenchfighter
  10. Enjoyed looking through the WWI 81st Div pictures. They are one of the WWI units that I collect, but overtime, getting more difficult to come across. I also have family from the Greenville, SC area where both the 81st and 30th Divisions trained at Camp Sevier prior to going overseas.
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