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    I collect mostly desert uniforms & gear from all countries, Warsaw Pact militaria, Australian, Polish, Spanish & U.S. militaria, just branching out into collecting special forces items from around the world & African militaria.<br />IACMC-INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COMBAT & MILITARIA COLLECTORS

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  1. VERY SWEET JACKETS everyone....KEEP THEM COMING!!!! :thumbsup: You can NEVER have too many on a forum :twothumbup: Steven
  2. Very nice DCU...Seabees are not the easiest to find... Steven
  3. Boys...you could NOT have said it any better. However OEF/OIF collecting is going to get crowded pretty quickly, Arch & I have been collecting this stuff for years already...and now we are seeing stuff drying up rapidly...and the prices are starting to climb...a perfect example is to look what DCU jackets & other "current" or "modern" militaria are selling for on this very forum...and compared to what they were...say...1 or 2 years ago. It used to be next to impossible to sell a DCU jacket & get anything for it other than $6 or $7...and now people are asking $25 or more for the
  4. Here are a couple really interesting books....unless they have already been mentioned... PROJECT OMEGA: EYE OF THE BEAST by JAMES E. ACRE THE PHOENIX PROGRAM by DOUGLAS VALENTINE....if I recall correctly, it tells how they would take 2 prisoners up in helicopters & interrogate one of them by throwing his buddy out the door. then after they got the info...alot of times they would toss him too...But it has been a while since I read it, but it is definately a great read... SOG THE SECRET WARS OF AMERICA’S COMMANDOS IN VIETNAM by JOHN L. PLASTER SECRET COMMANDOS BEHIND ENEMY LI
  5. That is one of those RARE 1st Mutt Division DCU's....maybe we can trade for the multicam... No seriously, that is a pretty neat jacket as usual.... :thumbsup: Steven
  6. Yeah...no one is disputing that it is a commercial made item and...I was merely posting it, since the thread was on multicam being adopted for use...I figured people might be interested in seeing a used set... Steven
  7. From what I can tell so far, is that it is a private purchase from some unknown commercial source, I am still trying to find the manufacturer of this version. I know it is not Propper, so far...I have seen a photo or 2 of this particular version being used in Afghanistan I believe, This one was used by an Air Force fellow....I hope to be able to gain some more insight on this set shortly...I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I don't think it is an issued/trial set...and there are no markings whatsoever in the set other than the tiny L tags in both jacket & trousers. Steven
  8. here is my set I just got in the mail today...It was used in Iraq...
  9. and lastly...a monsterous pile of leaflets from both Afghanistan & Iraq.... there are around 174 or so different ones... enjoy Steven
  10. and 3 US Security Forces brassards...
  11. a double-patched 1st Armored Division DCCU jacket... A 2nd ACR DCU jacket mising one of the patches... an Army combat shirt...
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